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Domino Effect

Domino Effect

The music business resembles a game of dominoes: First you need a large portion of tenacity and determination in order to find any measure of success. Then you need patience to help you understand that you can move forward only slowly, step by step. Foresight and good planning are also necessary to help you to get through the maze without losing the way and you need a large measure of caution too - everything can be lost in a moment. Then you must have the right feeling, without which long-lasting success is virtually impossible. Add to that a massive dose of courage to keep alive the desire to persevere.

And then it can begin.

Gotthard have long understood these rules and they play rock’n’roll as if it was child’s play. For more than 15 years this tried-and-tested team (no line-up changes in the original band) has set one milestone after another and for this reason has become the most successful Swiss band for many years (ten number one albums, a diamond award for 1 million albums sold, three triple platinum, four double platinum, four platinum, one golden single). But still the guys have not reached their limits.

Since the album "Lipservice" appeared in 2005, the team around the exceptional singer Steve Lee has been able to build up their reputation as high as a second Matterhorn. The recent return to their original rock roots has enabled the group to take another giant step forward. During the longest tour in the band's history, through most countries in Europe and into South America, they were acclaimed not only as expected in the usual countries such as Switzerland and Germany but also managed a huge breakthrough in new areas such as Spain and Russia.

What Gotthard means by "domino effect" is far more than a series of experiences which replace one another and share a joint beginning. The Gotthard "Domino Effect" is a chain reaction caused by courage and love of music, which is about to sweep the world off its feet and knock its socks off! So the trend begun by "Lipservice" is gathering momentum.

The fascinating "goose-bump effect" experienced by the concert audiences, thanks to the exciting personalities of Steve Lee, Leo Leoni, Marc Lynn, Freddy Scherer, Hena Habegger and guest keyboarder Nicolo Fragile, has turned full circle. Motivated by this feeling, all the songs for "Domino Effect" came into existence in just 6 weeks. "We were and still are on a run", the bassist Mark Lynn explained happily. "And we have a conviction that we're showing not only where we stand but also where we want to go."

Songs like the expected hit "Falling", the explosively pounding "Domino Effect", the elegant and hugely atmospheric ballad "The Call", the groovy "We Come Alive" or the smooth get-under-your-skin "Where is Love when it's Gone?" leave nothing more to wish for.

Gotthard rock on "Domino Effect" just as strongly and infectiously as on "Lipservice". They present an image of their roots which is a little rougher and more self-confident. The disc is particularly impressive due to the atmosphere, reminiscent of old Led Zeppelin albums. The songs are written with so much heart and soul that each single note could produce in you the famous "Eureka" effect.

Put together in the old traditional style in the band's own studio in Lugano under the management of Leo Leoni working with Ronald Prent (responsible for stars ranging from Rammstein to Herbert Groenemeyer), and completed in the Belgian Galaxy Studios, "Domino Effect" is constructed to cause a chain reaction.

Be warned: since June 1st 2007, whenever you hear the ultimate "Domino Effect", expect to be astounded and absolutely amazed. Gotthard have enormous fun playing and much more than the necessary musical talent to produce a powerful dynamic effect. Let the game begin!

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