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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

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Interviewer: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH

Ron & Russell Mael

"Hello Young Lovers"

Ron & Russell Mael


Q) For somebody who is looking aside, being just ordinary involved in the music relations, life of the band called Sparks started with its big hit "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us". It is obvious that up to that moment you worked a longer period trying to find your place in the world of music. Which points you could now underline - points which made possible that the name of The Sparks became worldwide known?

A) Todd Rundgren was the first person who gave Sparks the opportunity to be heard by the public. When all other record labels refused to sign Sparks, Todd took the challenge and signed and produced our first album. Without Todd's support, Sparks may have never been heard by anyone.

Q) Can you list several main benefits that hit - "This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us" - brought to your current career at that time?

A) "This Town..." was a very unique song to have had such a huge commercial success. The structure of the song was following typical verse, chorus, verse, bridge structures of most of pop music that is played on the radio. This song helped establish Sparks as having a unique vision about what pop music could be. And that unique pop music can be enjoyed by a large audience.

Q) Period in 70-ties brought some new music styles. Audience has been more interested for glam / AOR / MOR... You were not ready to follow new trends. It resulted with your return to the USA. For some fans you were "lost". Do you regret your persistence - being yourself and not accepting new trends?

A) We have never regretted not being ourselves. The reason that Sparks continues to be a creative force in pop music is that we continue to listen to ourselves and not be intimidated by trends going on at any particular time.

Ron & Russell Mael

Ron & Russell Mael

Q) Let's skip two decades and jump to the time of your new big success - song "When Do I Get to Sing My Way". This success is again achieved in Europe. How do you explain that Europe likes you more comparing to the Sates?

A) For whatever reasons, our music has always had a bigger impact commercial in Europe that in America. Although, in the 80s there many of our albums found a larger following in the US than abroad.

Q) New millennium is seems to be lucky period for your music career. Albums "Lil' Beethoven" and new one, "Hello Young Lovers", are bringing your name back on the front pages of music magazines. What formula you applied in your work?

A) The thing is, we have never applied any formulas to our work.and perhaps that is why the music is now continuing to be cited as being new and innovative, even on our 20th album. We work especially hard to continue to make provocative music and this point in our careers and we are happy when the press and hopefully the public appreciate the work that we have done to produce an album like "Hello Young Lovers".

Q) Your message to your fans, please!!!

A) If you are a long time fan, thanks for sticking with us. And if you are a new fan who has just discovered Sparks from "Hello Young Lovers", we welcome you and hope that you will later discover the other 19 albums that got us to this point in our career.

Q) That's all. Thanks in advance.

"Hello Young Lovers"


"Hello Young Lovers"


Dragutin Matosevic
Tuzla, Bosna i Hercegovina

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