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Zeus Faber
Karlovac, Hrvatska



Zeus Faber was founded in 1997 in Karlovac (Croatia). The original line-up consisted of four guys: Mario (vocals), Tvrtko (guitars), Sica (bass) and Zozo (drums). They quit their current bands and started from scratch. Influenced by artists like Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Deftones they developed their own style.

Frantz (sampler) joined the band in early 1999. More line-up changes followed. Vjeran replaced Zozo on drums in December 2001. Dale took over the bass player spot from Sica in March 2003. Stipe and Porfo both came in January 2005 replacing Vjeran and Dale. Finally, VatRo completed the line-up permanently standing in for Stipe in May 2005.

Zeus Faber, Demo, 1998.
Tease, EP, 2000.
Zeus Faber, Demo, 2001.
Way Out, 2002.

In 1998, Zeus Faber released their self-titled fourtrack demo (Interstellar, Market X, Ambrosia, Border 22). It was recorded in Rijeka, Croatia. Although it was badly produced, people reacted in a positive way recognizing the band's songwriting potential. It got excellent reviews (7/10) in Britain's most popular metal magazine Metal Hammer. The band had several offers for gigs and showcase performances in Europe and US, but financial problems always stopped them.

The introduction of Frantz on sampler as a new Zeus Faber member opened a lot of space for creativity and musical experimenting which gave the band a new dimension while keeping its recognizable sound.

The second demo was recorded and released in 2000 in Zagreb, Croatia under the name Tease EP and contained five tracks (Tease, Kasunta, Il Campo, El Shatt, Blanket). The band tried to amalgamate different sounds and styles taken from drum'n'bass, trip-hop, industrial, metal and ethnic music and create something fresh and highly original at the time. This time the band was reviewed in Kerrang! Magazine and in Metal Hammer and again received 7/10.

The nameless third demo which had four tracks (First, Eyes Closed, Marlenis, Winter) saw the daylight in 2001. This demo was recorded in Karlovac, Croatia. Soon after the release the people referred to it as The Black Demo because of its dark cover. The band went for something different on that record. The chaos of sounds found on previous releases was tamed. The vocals were melodic with good hooks and the music was filled with ethnic and ambient sounds. Eyes Closed, a track from the third demo, was chosen for #1 song among 180 others by the visitors of www.peoplesound.com while First, from the same demo, ended up in the top ten (out of 500).

In the fall of 2002, Zeus Faber signed a record deal with a Croatian label Dinaton from Zagreb. Later that year the band started recording their full-length debut album Way Out. The hours in the studio soon became years because of the line-up changes in the band, but during that time the band played two breakthrough shows. Zeus Faber performed in front of huge crowds as a support for Sepultura in 2003 and Soulfly in 2004. Way Out was released in December 2004. The title track was chosen as the first single. A video for the single was shot soon afterwards and it can be previewed on the official website.

The album Way Out represents a culmination of the band's dedication, hard work and creativity put in during the years of playing and introduces a profound and unique blend of alternative rock, metal and ethnic music.

So the current line-up of Zeus Faber is:

Mario - vocals / Tvrtko - guitar / Frantz - sampler / Porfo - bass / VatRo - drums


CELLs: 00 385 98 188 68 51 / 00 385 98 193 42 10

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