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Greg Howe started playing the guitar at the age of 10 and by his middle teens, after discovering Van Halen, became obsessed with guitar while transforming his confident playing of pentatonic scales on the guitar into a broader understanding of music. By his late teens he had already began playing in clubs with his rock band, which featured his brother Al on lead vocals. Over the course of the next few years Greg continued to hone his guitar skills while playing in rock bands.

In 1988 Shrapnel Records owner and infamous guitar connoisseur Mike Varney asked Howe to record an album for his label after hearing a demo that Greg had sent him with the hopes of being featured in Varney's Spotlight column for Guitar Player magazine. That album, simply entitled "Greg Howe", featured David Lee Roth bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Atma Anur. It instantly caught the attention of the whole guitar community and eventually led to numerous endorsement deals, print advertising and countrywide clinics. After recording two vocal albums with his brother (1990's "High Gear" and 1991's "Now Hear This"), the guitarist's second solo album (1993's "Introspection") set the tone for what would eventually become a series of eight fresh forays in to the mosaic of jazz, rock, fusion, funk, and blues. With each subsequent album - 1994's "Uncertain Terms", 1995's "Parallax", 1996's "Five", 1998's "Ascend", and 2000's "Hypercuity" Howe would make bolder and more satisfying strides into fusion music.

Along the way he would make himself available as a sideman for pop superstars, filling in for guitarist Jennifer Batten in 1996 on Michael Jackson's History tour through Europe and Asia, touring the U.S. and Europe in 2000 with Enrique Inglesias, making two separate tours of the states in 2001 and 2002 with NSYNC and doing a promotional tour in 2003 with Justin Timberlake. In fact, Howe ultimately ended up leaving the Timberlake tour in 2003 in order to complete work on "Extraction", the already critically acclaimed all-star funk fusion extravaganza, featuring electric bass virtuoso Victor Wooten ( of the flecktones ) and the world class drummer Dennis Chambers (Formerly with Parliament/Funkadelics, John Scofield, the Brecker Bros, and Currently with Santana).

Greg's busy schedule continues with various projects. Currently, he is in production for a series of online video lessons and is very active with guitar clinics, trade shows, and mini tours around the world.

Selected discography

Hyperacuity (2000)
Greg Howe delves deeper into the experimental fusion idiom, soloing over advanced rhythmic patterns and adventurous chord progressions. Howe is regarded by many as the best of aggressive fusion players and hyperacuity confirms just that.
Five (1996)
Greg Howe's album, "Five" is an instrumental CD comprised of aggressive rock fusion compositions which showcase Howe's renowned technique and strong sense of melody. Howe serves up a heavy yet unpredictable combination of blues and fusion masterpieces that highlight this world-class album.
Parallax (1995)
Reminiscent at times of Tribal Tech, "Parallax" is comprised of aggressive rock/fusion compositions which highlight Howe's incredible command of the guitar. Howe serves up a heavy yet unpredictable combination of 90's fusion.
Introspection (1993)
This release set standards for the 90's as an instrumental offering comprised of aggressive rock and fusion compositions which showcase Howe's incredible technique, musicianship, virtuosity and flair.



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