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The Joe Galea Band

Growing up in Sydney's notorious King's Cross, Joe was influenced at an early age by American Merchant Seamen on R & R leave, playing their blues and soul records. Such artists as Solomon Burke, Ray Charles, Little Milton and Muddy Waters to name a few. In his teen years Joe sang with his band The Midnighters alongside other Sydney up and coming stars of the future such as "The Bee Gees", Billy Thorpe, and New Zealand's "Max Merritt", working places like Suzie Wong's, Whisky a Go Go, Surf City and Teenage Cabaret. Joe, his brother and a couple of friends used the family garage for practice where every note they played and every word Joe sang, was being watched and taken in by several young boys from the local migrant centre at Villawood - who would have thought that in years to come they would become one of Australia's leading bands known as "The Easybeats".

The family garage was to turn out many popular Australian acts including three brothers originally from England who were glad to be able to polish up their act for their Saturday Night performance at "Teenage Cabaret". As Joe's band The Midnighters were the resident band at Teenage Cabaret, they also backed all the headliners performing there including those three brothers originally from England, of course "The Bee Gees".

Joe got the chance to further his experience overseas when he was spotted struttin his stuff at "The Down Under Club' at King's Cross. He was offered a contract to be resident band at the new 5 star hotel in Bangkok "The Narai Hotel". It wasn't unusual to have some of America's top artists, travelling through Asia at the time, to sit in with the band for a magical night of entertainment, such people as the legendary jazz / blues pianist Roscoe Gordon . This contract was to last 2 years!

During this period, Joe was spotted by a high ranking American Officer who offered them a contract to tour through Vietnam entertaining the American troups, they appeared alongside such artists as - Sammy Davis Jr., Laverne Baker, Duane Eddy and many others. They also crossed paths with many of Australia's top acts that were also entertaining at the time. Joe toured throughout Vietnam for the final 2 years of the Vietnam War, and were actually the last band to leave Vietnam before the final takeover that ended the Vietnam War. After his return from overseas, Joe had a short tour of Germany playing to packed houses 7 nights a week, during this time he was fortunate enough to meet the late legendary blues man "Champion Jack Dupree".

Joe formed several bands over the years, each one building up a faithful following - the most successful being "Cross The Border" working solidly every week for almost 10 years, but none have come even close to the present line up of talented musicians that Joe has with him in "The Joe Galea Band". Since Joe formed his own band they have been in constant demand at many venues in and around Melbourne as well as earning a reputation at Music Festivals as being "The Highlight of the Festival". Nicknamed "The Nightingale on Steroids!" by one of the photographers at the Wangaratta Festival, Joe continues to win audiences where ever he plays. He has the ability to reach out to every last person in the audience and take them on a musical experience that pleases and satisfies everyone!

The Mornington Festival and the Wangaratta Festival were reminiscent of the children's story - The Three Little Pigs, I'm sure you all remember, the music starts and then everyone is on the floor, and the house is jumpin! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it! Apart from Joe's vocals, you also have the fantastic wailing solos from the Sax, or the smooth bluesy tones from the piano / organ. Along with the excellent slide / lead guitar, bass and drums you have - "The Joe Galea Band".

The Joe Galea Band

Started playing late sixties early seventies around Melbourne with such bands as "Benefit", "Palais" and stints with Wendy Saddington, Jeff St. John, Gulliver Smith and Ray Brown. Joined Cross the Border with Joe in 1991, the rest is history.

The list of artists that he has played and recorded with reads like a who's who of Australian rock, Richard Clapton, Russell Morris, Glyn Mason, Christie Allen (Queen of pop) Bobby James Syndicate, The Giants and The Lisa Bade band. He has a very strong background of session work, doing lots of jingles and working with people like Raphael Ravenscroft (sax on Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street") and Chris Pinnick (guitarist with Chicago). Rick lived and played in Los Angeles for a period of ten months (whilst with Richard Clapton) and had the benefit of playing with some of Americas finest. He has played on such Australian classics as "Hush" by Russell Morris, "Down in The Lucky Country" and "Deep Water" by Richard Clapton. He has done multiple TV appearances on the Don Lane Show, Countdown and Hey Hey it's Saturday along with concert performances on such events as The Concert Of the Decade on the steps of the Opera House in front of 100,000 people. From then till now, by joining Joe Galea, this has given Rick yet another opportunity to work with an experienced and professional performer.

Performed with many bands around Melbourne including "Grand Wazoo", "P.D. Hale" and "The Blue Room" from 2001 to 2003. Was Classically trained from the age of 5 and started playing the Hammond Organ at 12 years of age. His influences are: Booker T, Memphis Sound, Otis Redding, James Brown, Soul, R&B, Rock, Jazz and Funk.

Worked with Joe in his previous big band "Melbourne to Memphis". Did numerous backing for o/s and local artists as well as TV and session work. Main bands included Darryl Cotton and cover band Animal Farm. In past six years years mainly worked with cover bands Hollywood Zoo and 2120.

Paul grew up in Melbourne originally playing in cover bands through my early teens. Did lots of short tours with heaps of floor show artist like... Debbie Burn and just about all the other young talent team, Robbin Jolley, Jade Hurley, Marty Rhone, Liv Mason, lots of comedians like ugly Dave Gray, Marty Mortin, played in heaps of cover bands after including The Weather Men, Bobby James syndicate, Rene Diaz and Avalon, Billy Chambers band.

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