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P r e s e n t a t i o n

The band was formed in June 2001. They took off as a high-school punk-rock band, trying to have fun and play some music. After fooling around and changing a few members at the beginning, they finally found the winning combination with the current line-up in February 2002 and hit the stage with it in April 2002 for the first time.

Punk-rock is what they were sworn to in the beginning, but after a few turning points, the music took a shift in direction towards screamo, which is what their first album "Underworld Kingdom" sounds like (punk - rock / screamo), and post hardcore. However, it is hard to label this band with a certain genre, as their music is quite versatile.

The first breakthrough for them came with their first video for "Winter Song" at the end of 2004, followed by their debut album "Underworld Kingdom" in 2005. The band became international after winning second place among 92 bands at a European festival in Graz, Austria, called "Newcomer" in May 2005. That guaranteed them a place on stage alongside huge bands like Soulfly, Mad Caddies, The Real McKenzies...

Leaf-fat is highly regarded in other aspects as well: their music is / will be featured on a Elan (ski / snowboard company) promo DVD and on a California based production team DPC Films; their album was also voted in the top ten at a Slovenian alternative radio station; they were featured on www.europunk.net as band of the month (March 2006).

All in all, Leaf-fat are the kind of live act that won’t leave you indifferent. Their energy and power, devotion and self-confidence on stage will convince anyone who is willing to see them play, lend them an ear and give them a listen.

The story of this band began unfolding in the year 2001. Jaka and Matej, being schoolmates, quickly hooked up with the idea of forming a band. Both being guitarists at the time, they were looking for new members among their friends with an equal ambition. Luckily, Miha "Crash" fitted the description perfectly, both musically and otherwise. However, after failing to find a drummer, it became obvious that Jaka would have to kick in with his drumming skills. Now, being a three piece company of punk-rock fanatics, it was time to find the missing member(s) of crew and get the whole thing started. As it turned out, the haste was not quite the best answer. They found a bassist and yes, they could finally start practicing. But the pick didn't result quite the way they had hoped, so the first bassist departed within abut half a year. Shortly after, a new one joined. He was a guitarist prior to that, determined to learn bass. Just as he picked up the first few riffs, he decided his music career would not interfere with his school plans, so he quit. At the time, Matej was still the singer. So with no bassist and questionable leading vocals, it was pretty much obvious major changes were going to have to take place to make some serious progress. Fortunately enough, Robert's ex band had just split up and the wish from both sides to get together and play some serious music came to life shortly thereafter. About the same time (3 days earlier actually) the other Miha (Medo) joined as the final bassist, thus the current line-up was formed and is the same to this day.

The first time these five music enthusiasts got together was in February 2002. Determined to bring something new to the local scene, they started practicing hard for their first gig in April. Performing in a packed club of thrilled high-school kids was just the boost the band needed to start off. New gigs followed up quickly and they started to gain experience through live performances. Throughout the next two years, up to 2004 when they decided to hit the studio for their debut, that is how the band was developing. Playing gigs and practicing is what they love to do and making new songs is how they learn. In these two years, after the record was recorded, there were quite a few turning points that stirred up their paradigm about punk rock and shifted their perception of music. Eventually, that meant a redirection towards screamo.

The plan was not to come to the studio with 10 songs and record an album, but to visit it with a bundle of at least 20 and choose the best bunch. As mentioned above, the punk-rock beginning and the later screamo influences amounted to a record with both genres mingled. I guess screamo / punk rock is what it can be called, although the band itself has been known to say many times that they do not position themselves in any frame of genre, nor do they care if anyone else labels them for this or that. They have had many influences and some of them sure show in the music, but they have always strived to be different and they intend to follow that principle in the future.

The first time Leaf-fat appeared in front of a wider audience was in September 2004, when they released their first video for "Winter Song", shot back in March the same year. They began recording their album a bit earlier though, in July 2004 to be precise. At first it went moderately smooth, but in the following couple of months a few previously unseen problems showed up and delayed the outcome of the album for almost a year, which is a perfect example of how hard it is for a newcomer to issue an album. Finally, in the beginning of June 2005, the album, "Underworld Kingdom", came out. Since then, they have toured Slovenia, played shows abroad and engraved their name into numerous ears. The next step will be recording a new video for the song "Individual happiness".

Throughout their existence, Leaf-fat have shared the stage with many international stars like Soulfly, Mad Caddies, The Real McKenzies, Antimaniax...; their music was used in the promo DVD of one of the biggest ski/snowboard companies Elan and will also be featured on the next DVD of a California-based production team DPC Films; they won second place at an international festival "Newcomer" in Graz (among 92 bands), Austria; the album "Underworld Kingdom" was also elected among the top ten albums of 2005 at a Slovenian alternative radio station; they were featured on www.europunk.net as band of the month (March 2006).

Many people have said that Leaf-fat are a live band and they take that as a compliment. Playing shows is what they love best and their energy and power, devotion and self-confidence on stage certainly confirms that.

Leaf-Fat are:

Miha Medved

Miha Kraševec

Robert Šercer

Jaka Skočir

Matej A. Ogrevec

"Underworld Kingdom" (2005)

Management & booking:
Andrej Tezak
Tel.: 031/673-585 (+386-31-673-585)

Zavod Kurz
Resljeva 26, 1000 Ljubljana

CPZ Records:
(Cela Pametna Založba)
Zavod Kurz
Resljeva 26, 1000 Ljubljana

Contact for Europe:
Milan Jaksa / CH

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