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A Tribute To Pink Floyd

... 7 musicians on stage, video projections on circular screen, energy, impact. Their show, held on more than 150 Italian and European stages, still confirms them as one of the more expressive Italian Pink Floyd tributes band. Their repertoire goes musically through the deeds of one of the biggest music phenomenon on earth; all sonorities are carefully reproduced and the result is really considerable!!

HIGHLIGHTS: - In 2000 Euphonia won the "MTV CARLSBERG BEST FAN AWARD", and received the important recognition in Stockholm at the MTV AWARDS. Canale 5, an important Italian Network, broadcasted an Euphonia documentary during a famous programme named "Link". In 2003 Euphonia gained the competition "BATTLE OF THE COVER BANDS", the first national prize for tribute bands willed by CLUB NOKIA and ROCKOL. They were awarded at the Rolling Stone in Milan by Elenoire Casalegno and Omar Pedrini.

In December 2004 Euphonia carried out a CD album: "DELICATE SOUND OF PINK FLOYD", 2 video + 9 audio tracks, produced by CLUB NOKIA, recorded and mixed by Josh Sanfelici (Tribà, Mambassa, Roy Paci,..), mastered by Carlo U.Rossi (Jovanotti, Negrita, Ligabue,..).

In 2005 Euphonia was the only Italian tribute band invited to perform its show in Malta for the Pink Floyd day. The evening exhibition of the Aussy Floyd (the "Australian Pink Floyd"), in front of 19.000 excited fans, proved again the phenomenon Pink Floyd still strongly lives all around.

... Euphonia gave us a CD that is a shiver to Pink Floyd... (G. Passarella, "Musica News")
... The similarity to the original ones is sometimes embarrassing... (Max Malagnino, "Rock Star")
... Euphonia reproduces the Pink Floyd show with an extraordinary technical ability. (Isabella Fava, "Maxim")
... You write Euphonia, but you listen to Pink Floyd... ("La Provincia", Come)
... Among all tribute bands Euphonia reaches its own celebrity... ("La Stampa")

... We came at your show at Babilonia and we were very astonished to find out how good you are, and closing our eyes it seemed to hear Pink Floyd playing...
... Dear all, I was at Teatro Tenda last Sunday and I listened to you AMAZED!!
... My name is Marco and I came to see you on May 23 at the "Ombelico" with my brother Samuele. We were astonished hearing how close you are to the original Pink Floyd!
... Hi guys, yesterday I enjoyed your show at "Thunder", I came from Geneva for you and... it was really fantastic!! You are so great! Great musicians, great background vocals... congratulations!!
... Congratulations!!! Last Saturday we attended at your show in Trofarello: thanks for the emotions you gave me!! You are so good!! Congratulations and good luck!!
... I love you guys!! Voting for you for "the battle of the cover bands" I won a Nokia mobile phone!!
... Hi guys!! Finally we listened to you at "Thunder" and it was all so magic!! Sometimes it seemed to hear the greatest Pink Floyd. We still have no words!! Congratulations to you all!!
... I received your album, thank you guys!! It is very good and well played, you can feel your passion listening to it!! Good luck! Your faithfully Sergio Mancinelli (Radio Capital).
... Nordportal Baden Svizzera. Very good and special Gig. I keep it in Mind. Thank you all!! Mille grazie a tutti!! M + J
... I have no words, you are so exciting! Congratulations!! Gabriele.
... Congratulations for yesterday evening!! You were superlative!! For a moment you took me back to that concert in Venice and you made me feel lots of emotions...!! Many thanks, Erminio.
... I wanted to thank you for getting me excited... listening to you I lived the same emotions of the 1994 tour... I was gazing at you!! Bigi.


A tribute album produced by CLUB NOKIA, dedicated to one of the most historic, important and innovative band of the world. Registered and mixed by Josh Sanfelici in December 2003 in the Orange Room Studios in Collegno, Turin, the disc includes 9 audio tracks + 2 MPG video tracks. The mastering was made by Carlo U. Rossi (Negrita, Litfiba, Jovanotti, Ligabue producer). The graphic style is an idea of Euphonia themselves, in cooperation with NUEVACOM, Rome.

1 - In the flesh / 2 - Mother / 3 - Astronomy Dominè / 4 - Learning to fly / 5 - The great gig in the sky / 6 - Brain damage/Eclipse / 7 - Wish you were here / 8 - Comfortably numb / 9 - Run like hell / 10 - Comfortably numb (video) / 11 - In the flesh (video)

Rodolfo Bertoli, +39 3333986179, +39 3286733947

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