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Los Niños de Los Ojos Rojos

Los Niños de Los Ojos Rojos

Spain - Los Niños de Los Ojos Rojos (The Children of the Red Eyes) havereleased a new album entitled "Hijos del Humo" ("Children of Smoke"). For this album, Los Niños de los Ojos Rojos have surrounded themselves with the best talent to be found in their path. This project includes the collaboration of talented artists and sound engineers such as Antonio Amaral, sound technician for popular Spanish groups of such standing as the Celtas Cortos, La Cabra Mecánica, Barricada; Jorge López Quesada, a young Extremaduran talent in sound and musical production; Jorge Bravo, trumpet player in the Beri Beri Big Band; Ana Jiménez, one of the best voices of Extremadura in folk and traditional Irish music, singer in the group ´Él 7 de Trébol´; Eduardo Tarilonte from Caalaña Sound with harps, synthesizers and effects; and Jesús Cifuentes, former singer with Celtas Cortos.

After more than 2 years working on the production of this album, Los Niños de Los Ojos Rojos confirm what everybody was expecting. A completely hand-made album, recorded far from the big-name productions and studios, An album whose first track "Evo Banke" captivated Montxo Armendáriz himself, to the point that he included them as co-protagonists in his latest documentary production Escenario Móvil. A band member comments on the album: "...13 tracks of pure ethnic, international music of our own composition. A timeless fusion of different genres. Our own original sound which takes in the best each style has to offer: traditional Irish and Balkan music, rap, funk, ska, psychedelic, flamenco, Latin rhythms... Songs in old Yugoslav, implicative lyrics which talk about historical change, the situation of today's youth, about magic, about free love and the tough issues and injustices of our society, the restoration of the ´botellón´ as a sociocultural phenomenon and symbol of identity for young people of the 21st century as opposed to the disco culture of deafening bars and parties."

There's an obvious parallel to Ojos de Brujo: similar instrumentation, including a mixologist playing live. There are some trippy effects but enough good musicianship (Mario Lopez on spanish guitar and Alberto on bass) to impress you. On "La Charca'l tesoro" it's only a matter of time till the electric lead guitar stumbles into "Purple haze"! "Smo-kin blu" starts with poppin' Stanley Clarke bass, adds Irish jig fiddle and gratuitous flute then drops in a ska vocal. Quite a cocktail, and you don't want to be smoking blue or anything else if you are tryna keep up with this. Obviously they have worked this up in concert. All of the material is polished and suggests years of tight interplay and intuitive forays by soloists. We are even treated to a touch of "Asturias" in the middle of "Moja mala" which starts out moody and ends in another ska-gypsy rave-up. They stray to the Balkans for "Evo banke," demonstrating that all folk music is grist to their mill. (Though what one does with freshly ground grist I am not sure.)

Massively talented with a sense of humour, the Red-eyed Kids are musical over-achievers. All in all it's quite exhausting, but if you are in your 20s this is just the ticket to keep you dancing all night.

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