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P r e s e n t a t i o n

Volkwin Müller
P r e s e n t a t i o n

The voice and the guitar playing are the so called "trade marks" of Volkwin Müller. He is a singer, songwriter who is very demanding of his own performance. In addtion, there are the sensitive German lyrics, the timeless music, so intensivly processed that it becomes difficult, after listening, to release onesself from them.

The Person
Volkwin Müller, born on the 27 th of November 1965 in Detmold, comes from a family, where at home, music always had a role to play. With this musical background, Volkwin came into contact with music at a very early age and completed an organ course and various guitar courses. At thirteen years at age he decided to train himself to play the guitar and wrote his first songs. At the age of fifteen he gathered experience as singer, guitarist and bass guitarist in various bands. With the ex school band Niemandsland, the first self written songs where recorded in the studio, the first concerts soon followed.

In 1985, he discovered his incleanation towards the acoustic guitar and founded the group Chapleur, together with Bert Halbwachs and Thomas David. While the first of there own songs came into being, Chapleur played concerts in the Lippe area, playing the music of, amongst others, Dylan, Beatles and Neil Young, as well as some of their own material.

The Musician
The first television performance came in 1986, with Volkwin's piece "Ein Leid für Euch", which coincided with an invitation to be involved with the album "Paderborn Rock", a compilation album sponsored by various institutions in the Paderborn area.1986 was also the year of the first self-produced recordings with the group Chapleur and "Lieder für Euch".

Since 1988, after many concerts with the band Chapleur in the Nordrhein-Westfalen area, Volkwin Müller has been working on his first solo project. Together with the keyboard player Jörg Riemann and a further 25 musicians, including the British saxaphonist Nigel Hitchcock (Itchy fingers) and the guitarist Reinhold Westerweide, Volkwin recorded some of his music in a professional studio. He founded the eight piece live group Magic Garden and in 1992, recorded his first CD entitled "Magic Garden, Another way", on the Lemgo record label "Blue Triangle Records". In the many concerts Vokwin showed not only his qualities as a singer and guitarist, but also as songwriter and had developed a style of his own. Sessions on the British radio program BFBS and a concert with the American supergroup Steps Ahead can be considered to be amongst the highlights of the Magic Garden era.

Also in the year 1992, Volkwin played the guitar, and sang some of his own compositions on the CD "Seasons of Life" from the rockband Watermark, a band founded by the Lemgo keyboard player Christian Jaschinski.

In 1993, Volkwin accepted an invitation to take part as a singer on the CD "Man of a thousand dreams" from the Paderborn band True Vision, a studio project by the Paderborner Ludger Kreutzheide.

In1994 came the reunion of Chapleur, whereby a change of name to Galileo was decided upon. In their own studio along with Bert Halbwachs and Thomas David, Volkwin recorded some of the music from the live program from Chapleur, as well some new material.

The Success
In 1995 "Blue Triangle Records" released the CD, "Galileo - Hast Du Worte". In 1996 and 1997, radio intervievs took place in Munich, Cologne and Detmold, which where followed by concerts from the then founded, four piece live band Galileo. Galileo consisted of Volkwin Müller - guitar & vocals, Zacky - drums & percussion, Frank Wessel - bass, and Wolfgang Müller - vocals & keyboard.

For the first time Volkwin gave concerts as solo performer on acoustic guitar and as a singer. In 1996 the first songs for the second Galileo CD where recorded.

After Bert Halbwachs left the band in1996, Volkwin Müller and Thomas David founded the music publishing company, Vielmehr Musikverlag. Work on new songs followed in 1998 and 1999, which where recorded in Lippe and Hamburg. The release of the second CD is expected in the early part of the year 2000, at KDC in Munich. With the new recordings Volkwins very own style of guitar playing becomes very apparant and he sings the German lyrics with feeling and, an unobtrusive voice. The lyrics concentrate on the problems of every day life and, above all, not having to prove onesself to anyone.

Volkwin lives today with wife and child in a rural setting in Blomberg, Lippe.

The Programm
In the year 2000 Volkwin is starting of on a solo program entitled "Unterwegs", with which Volkwin returns to to the pubs and clubs, to show what music has always meant to him, The feeling to live!


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