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Interviewer: Davor Matošević, Tuzla, BiH

Joe Coyle & Bora Đorđević
Joe Coyle
Brian Hillson


Greeting to Joe Coyle. Can you, please, introduce yourselfs Joe to our readers?

Joe Coyle: Hi, I'm Joe Coyle, bass player and singer with my band The Joe Coyle Band`. I've been living in Bosnia since November 1996. My home town is Glasgow in Scotland, where I was the singer and bass player with the band Dodger (check out the glassband 80 web site to see some pictures when I was rockin' in Scotland. I' ve managed to make a few trips back to Scotland since I've been here but I haven't been back to Scotland in the last five years - "I love it here!"

When did you start playing together with Joe Coyle Band and what was the main reason of band's gathering?

Joe Coyle: The Joe Coyle Band was formed because I had been recorded a solo CD project of my songs called "Christmas in Baghdad" in Banja Luka with local musicians and they were all working with their own bands, so I had to get my own band together to let me play live concerts. I also wanted to have my own band again and not be looking about town for players who were available for live work. I think it was the best solution for me and it's turned out great.

You' ve finally released your first album, congratulations! Can you tell me more about it?

Joe Coyle: Thanks. Yeah, it's been a long time in the making, not because I didn't have enough material, but because of a number of reasons. Firstly, I made a mistake choosing the wrong studio to start the album, three months passed and we had nothing finished. Working with Bora Đorđević, late on, when we had almost finished the CD held things up a bit, but the experience was worth it, and we had a mountain of problems with the actual CD covers and pressing and distribution. The album is called "Champagne lifestyle on lemonade pay". It's a mix of power rock songs with a couple of ballads and of course the collaboration with Bora on two versions of "Amsterdam". There are 14 tracks on the CD and we made a video for song called "Cowboys don't cry". I'm happy as much as to say what we recorded is a moment in time in Banja Luka.

Did you already promote it?

Joe Coyle: We have started the promotion, we played a live open air gig in Banja Luka, quickly followed by a gig in the Hard Rock Café that night, and one in the Irish Pub in Banja Luka, the following night. The real promotion has to come yet. We will be setting up a tour of the Balkans for all those people who haven't had a chance to see us playing live yet, but this moment it is out of my hands, as I know we will play as a supporting band of Hladno Pivo from Croatia on Castle on Neofest '07 in Banja Luka this year but it's not confirmed yet. I'll let you know.

Brian Hillson
Brian Hillson
Brian Hillson

If I would like to buy your new CD, where should I look for it?

Joe Coyle: This is a big problem for the band. At the moment we have distribution problems in Bosnia and that is why we have only promoted the release in Banja Luka at the moment, but I'm sure we will have a general release soon. If you like to listen some of our new songs you are welcome to visit us on www.myspace.com/thejoecoyleband . You are also able to see there and video for "Cowboys don't cry".

What was the "stupiest" reason you started to play guitar?

Joe Coyle: I'm not a guitarist, I'm a bass player ha ha. Incidently, I use a 1975 Rickenbacker A001bass. I also sometimes use a 2005 Fender Precision.

What's the main thing that makes you do music you do now?

Joe Coyle: I don't want to do any more furniture advertisemens on radio. No seriously, I've always been a rocker at heart so I stick to what I do best, I think... that's why the CD sounds the way it sounds.

If you could choose one message that your music brings, what would it be?

Joe Coyle: The message I thing my music brings is "Boys and girls, always have a direction in your life and you will find happiness!"

Hillson, Coyle, Kasalović

Joe Coyle

Where did you play so far?

Joe Coyle: Ah, I can't even remember the number of live gigs we had till now. The Joe Coyle Band played in Sarajevo, Brčko, Prijedor, Gradiška, Banja Luka, etc etc, but we will come to your town if you ask us too it, ha ha.

Could you give some advice to B&H musicians, as someone who's coming from different country, which has stronger and more organized musical scene?

Joe Coyle: This is always a difficult question. B&H musicians are as good as every other musician in the world, that's for sure, but if any young band or singer wants to make it outside B&H, unfortunately, they must sing in English. That's the way it is guys. For example, I think that Maria Serifovic's song "Molitva" winning Eurovision is a great song but I don't see the kids in London or Los Angeles rushing out to buy it.

What about your future plans?

Joe Coyle: I've a lot going on to my head at the moment. I've started writing songs for the next Joe Coyle Band album. I'm also working on some more solo ideas with Dalibor Džombić at the Legato studio, who produced this CD. It's a different style, more pop, but a tour for The Joe Coyle Band is first!

Big thanks go to...?

Joe Coyle: Big thanks go to Brian Hillson and Saša Kasalović, my guitar man and drummer, also I must say thanks to Dalibor Džombić who did a great job on this album and thanks to our dear personal assistant and web master, Tanja Injac - Taća. And to all people who were involved in
this project, and to all our fans!!!

Special thanks goes to...?

Joe Coyle: Special thanks must go to Bora Đorđević. What a man!!!! Thank you for this conversation. I wish you luck in your further musicial adventures!!! Thank you very much for asking and I can only say "Veliki pozdrav" to all of your readers. Vidimo se, Joe Coyle.

Saša Kasalović

Saša Kasalović



Davor Matošević, Tuzla, BiH
Tanja Injac - Taca, Banja Luka


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