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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

ExYUsingles - Istorijat muzike ex YU

Dub Rebellion
Brcko, BiH


Dub Rebellion was formed in Brcko District B&H in March 2003 as a result of inspiring ADF concert that made us combine our thoughts and prayers together with a driving rhythms and positive vibrations. First lineup was: Goran - MC, Aco - Bass, Jasko - Percussions, Miro - Drums and Pedja - Guitar, but lineup was constantly changing until September 2004. Not only that new musicians joined the band, but the existing ones where changing their role within the band. Adi, as a lead guitarist and Dragan as a singer, joined in, Goran became DJ Budget, while the band was experimenting with electro-dub. Soon, Adi and DJ Budget left the band.

Our first live appearance was in Brcko, at Proni Summer Fest in May 2003. In July we attended Mostar Intercultural festival and Ex-YU Rocks in Bugojno (BiH) gaining our first experiences while sharing stage with bands like Electro Funk (F), Let's Quit (NL), Superhiks (MK) and Darkwood Dub (SCG). In December 2003, we played at Christmas party in Tuzla with Defense (BiH) and Eyesburn (SCG). During 2003, we experienced more roles changing within the band. Pedja took over lead vocals, while Dragan switched to guitar. Band recorded "One Mic Demo" with only one microphone placed in the middle of rehearsal room, which helped us to link up with Zdenko Franjic, the owner of an independent label "Listen Loudest" from Zagreb - Croatia, who published two our songs on a Reggae Compilation.

At the same time we met Nasi Ben-Yisrael, Jamaican, employed with peacekeeping mission in Bosnia, who became new band member and real reggae inspiration for all of us. And not only that he brought sounds of flute and harmonica, which added more spices to our music, but he showed us what an excellent songwriter he was.

2004 was a crucial for the band. We finally decided in which direction our music would go, and we got a chance to play at Soca Reggae Riversplash (SLO), sharing stage with Bomba Bomba (I), Dubiance (F) and B. R Stylers (I) - gathering positive experience for the future. Rest of the year we spent making songs that will find place on our first album. While rehearsing constantly, we improved our overall sound and more people got interested in our music.

Then Bingi, a new guitarist came and added more power to band’s sound while at the same time finalizes band’s line up. In September 2004 we entered Barewire studio in Zemun (SCG) where we met soul mate, friend, producer and a member Bare of Barewire Studio-Zemun.

Album has been finished in June 2005. Meanwhile, Nasi joined another peacekeeping mission and left Bosnia, but he's still the member of the band. Jasko departed from the band due to a hard Bosnian climate conditions and moved to a sunnier place. At the present time we are looking for record companies throughout Europe and ex-YU. Everything from now on is a bright future, as we believe!

Dub Rebellion are:

Miro - drums; Bingi - guitar; Aco - bass; Dragan (Electro Doc) - guitar; Pedja - vocals, guitar, melodica; Bare - "skillfullone", sound engineer, dubs and Nasi - back vocals, flute and harmonica.


e-mail: dubrebellion@yahoo.com
web: www.dubrebellion.com

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