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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

ExYUsingles - Istorijat muzike ex YU
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Arriving in Brussels from Ostend, her city of birth, in 1983 she joins Micky MIKE's SNOWY RED. For one year she will take part in the ventures of one of Belgium's foremost electro-groups, and in 1988 she even resurfaces at Mike's side when SNOWY RED makes a remarkable come-back.

In 1984, after seeing her on stage with the band, Winston TONG (Member of TUXEDOMOON) convinces her to work with him, not merely as a back-up singer but as a sidekick with a role of more vital importance. He speaks very highly of her: "I knew immediately that Niki possessed the same qualities that people told me I have, and I imagined that the two of us alone on stage would be quite hypnotic". Together, they record the single 'Theoretical China' in London and during their tour in Japan Niki conceives the solo-12" 'The Hunger' released on Les Disques Du Crépuscule. After laying down the tracks for a subsequent album, she parts company - for various reasons - with TONG.

In 1986, she writes the soundtrack for a video by Paris-based WONDERPRODUCTS. Coupled with cover versions of sixties standards rendered by various members of MINIMAL COMPACT and TUXEDOMOON, it is released on Crammed Discs under the banner 'Fuck You Dreams, This Is Heaven'.

That same year she travels to another universe: together with David TIBET (CURRENT 93), Himar Orn HILMARSON (PSYCHIC TV), Peter NETSAH (LAI) and James FOSTER (THE MONOCHROME SET) she creates 'The Aryan Aquarians': a musical journey "to the land of the Aryan Aquarians, where all things are bright and beautiful, right and logical, where love and hate are totally integrated with other forms of human expression ...". The album release (on Laylah Anti-Records) coincides with a wonderful week of rock'n'roll extravaganza.

Beginning 1988, Niki joins THE NEON JUDGEMENT on their European tour, providing vocal support to the duo's electrified tales of sexual angst and manhood in distress. When this undertalking comes to an end, she can be heard saying "I'd rather be a prostitute than ever work as a backing singer with any band again. People tend to see me as some sort of vocal mercenary, and that's not what I want to be. It's time to get out of my cage and show my own real hunger".

In 1988 a maxi single "Dauda and the crow" and 1989 an album has been released by Antler Records under Niki Mono as a solo project. (Including musicians like Jah Wobble, Peter Principle, ect.) The band toured Belgium, Italy, Germany and Zagreb in 1991. After my plans to stay and live in Zagreb went up in smoke (because of the war) I decided to live on the island of Tenerife where I still live today.

In 1991, she is back with X10, a musical project featuring Marc VERHAEGHEN (THE KLINIK), Marc ICKX (A SPLIT SECOND) and cult experimental Vidna OBMANA.

In 2004 Winston Tong has re-released the CD "Theoretical Chinese" with "The Hunger" and an extra bonus track.

To my disappointment and without my agreement I found out that this extra bonus track was the song "Dream Assassins" written by myself and previously released in 1989 on the solo album "Contradictions are a luxury".

In 2004 David Tibet has re-released "The Aryan Aquarians" CD.

2005 a German band "Blood Dead and Sexy" covered the song "A secret gardener" from the previously released project "The Aryan Aquarians".

Release of biography of "Tuxedomoon" will probably be end 2005 beginning 2006 written by Isabelle Corbisier. Web www.tuxedomoon.com .

08 December 2005 Release of compilation CD and book, a tribute for John Lennon called The Clone KPW project, for which I have recorded "Give peace a chance". www.klootperw.com .

Niki Mono is currently working on songs for a new CD.

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