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Band's biography

Rattle Rattle were born in Sestri Levante (GE) ITALY. The name of the band comes from the onomatopoeical word used in the comics to imitate with the sound the meaning of the thing, underlining in a eloquent way the selection of the musical genre: hard rock rattling, rustling of guitars and lots of watts used.

At the beginning the band played many covers of the most important american and english bands, and after that evolved composing it's own songs. After a crisis period and different changes of members (from the original band there are only two founder members left: Luigi Botticella bass and Andrea Costanzo drums), Rattle Rattle proposed to the public not only with their songs, but also as cover band and tribute band to Van Halen and Deep Purple, thanks to the voice of Angelo Minoli and to Andrea Cordi's guitar. Nowadays the band is made up of the five musicians coming from different experiences.

Rattle Rattle decided to be a "tribute band" at the end of 2003, after many appreciated concerts (with the old repertory, that was made up of songs from several bands). Rattles love all the kinds of music that express emotional feeling, but, at the same time, that have a strong technical base; at that time Rattles were looking for something different that could give an unique imprint on the band itself. And then... what to "choose"? Van Halen... Marco had always dreamed about playing 1984 in a live performance (this piece of music impressed him, because of its imaginative and futuristic sound; it was only the beginning of the '80s, long before the computer era). Andrea (the drummer) spent hours and hours watching the beautiful bikini busty females of "California Girls" videoclip... and more time playing loud on every drumset he found at hand, to let his own rythm flow (something that makes him so cool...); Andrea (the guitarist) played, played and played again the most difficult riffs and solos by Eddie V. H. and Luigi was trying to understand the subtle rythmic lines that are the mainstay of Van Halen songs.

So, we decide Van Halen, and Van Halen had to be! But unlike many other tribute bands, Rattles chose albums and songs composed between 1978 and 1983 (when David Lee Roth was the lead voice) and, moreover, the songs written and performed by "stunning Dave", after 1984. There are two main reasons why we choose this way. The first is that Angelo (lead vocal) has a tone and a range of voice similar to David; the second is that we all love the performances of V. H "mark 1" and we also think that, after Lee Roth left the band, the Van Halen sound wasn't so good and Eddie lost some of his shine over the years (You know, it's only a matter of personal feeling, not a statement). We play only one song of the V. H. "mark 2" (with Sammy Hagar): it is 5150, a little bit re-arranged, but only when some of our fans ask us to play it. The reason why is that we don't play songs with Sammy Hagar on the vocals and that 5150, in our opinion, is something like a "boundary line" for Van Halen.

But, now... let's talk about us. First of all, we all love music but each one of us plays with his own style and feeling (we began playing as self-taught men). Marco is the only one who can read a score; the other 4 guys often asks themselves whether music could be written in a more simple way...

Anyway, when we play together, something magic happens... if You listen to our guitarist (and watch DVD too), You'll agree that being able to play like that is a legitimate pride. We still have fun playing live concerts and trying to entertain our fans, feeling adrenaline on a stage and hold people in a warm musical embrace; after all, we all have our daily life, jobs and families, and we cannot daydream (it seldom happens...) So, trying to find the right time, we keep a part of our dream alive: PLAY IT AND ENJOY!

The band has obtained yet flattering appreciations from specialized critics and from the public, from the Alps to Sicily (literally); besides the band has taken part in many national competitions and important concerts, that are listed below:
- Two consecutive placings as finalists in the prestigious "Yamaha Music Quest", in the two last editions that took place in Milan in 1993 and 1994;
- Two apparitions on the state TV during the very famous "Festival degli sconosciuti" (conducted by Teddy Reno and Rita Pavone), which that took place in Rome, has been trasmitted in 1994 on RAI2 and in 1995 on RAI3;
- Two times in Sestri Levante (GE), as special guest of world-famous bands: NOMADI, on the 28th of June 1996 and PFM on the 06th of August 1999;
- Finalists (winners for the public with more than hundred votes, but not for the jury that chose the last band, which polled about 30 votes, see review / article) at the regional final of "EMERGENZA" in Genoa on the 14th of May 2004;
- Live concert as Tribute Band to Van Halen & David Lee Roth at Lucca on the 12th of August 2004 and on the 6th of August 2005 in the Music Arena, for the "National Tribute Band" festivals;
- Participation in the national selection of the "i-Tim Tour 2004" on the 3rd of September 2004 in Piazza Castello (Castle Square), Turin.

Rattle Rattle is:

Angelo Minoli - voice and guitar
Luigi Botticella - bass
Andrea Cordi - guitar
Andrea Costanzo - drums
Marco Mezzetta - keyboards



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