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Gypsy Carns

Gypsy Carns (aka AZA – G2C - The Blues Preacher & The General) started performing in clubs in 1963 and making records in '66. He has anointed the United States, Japan, France, England, Germany, Italy, Amsterdam and The Netherlands with his vocals, percussion, and 12-string Dobro bottleneck prowess. Carns is also known as a blues songwriter, co-penning a Koko Taylor tune with Fred James and Mary Ann Brandon that garnered 2 GRAMMY nominations. Blues Revue states: "Gypsy Carns, A one-man wrecking crew who plays a "stompbox" tambourine / kick drum combination, harp, 12-string resonator guitar... this is hammering, powerful stuff, driven by Carns' energy and rough-hewn vocals". Using the delta-blues musical format, Gypsy combines Messianic lyrics for a unique blend of authentic American music. His energy and commitment are evidenced through his powerful live performances.

His current spiritual solo career began in 1992 in the coffee houses of Hollywood, CA. The Holy Spirit spoke to Gypsy about dedicating his life and music to the LORD. He half heartedly pondered these intimate conversations and wrote a couple of songs in priase that ended up on an Italian blues label release - The Smashers - "Loud Confident and Wrong" on Appaloosa Records in 1993. But with the major earthquake in Hollywood - January 17, 1994, the LORD spoke... and Gypsy listened. Two weeks later he moved to Nashville, TN, and carried out his vision of spreading the Word regarding Yeshua and God's Kingdom, using the delta-blues as his musical format.

In a referral from a local music store, Rock Block Guitars, Gypsy met Tabby "zeb" Crabb who owns and operates Flatwood Studios (www.flatwoodstudios.com). Tabby has become not only Gypsy's producer and engineer but his best friend and musical companion as well. Their first recordings began in '95 and by '99 had secured Gypsy's first solo record deal in the Gospel Blues vein. Simply titled "Prayin Blues" on TTM Records the CD received excellent reviews. Gypsy's next album "Beale Street Swing" was released in the summer of 2000 on Nightfly Records and is currently being played on radio stations in 39 countries around the world. This album too received excellent reviews in the United States and abroad. Blues Access magazine states: "Giving thanks to Jesus for his inspiration, Carns' sings in a dynamic, gravelly voice, truly laying it all on the line... whatever Carns sets out to say, he does it with admirable force and integrity... the tunes range from fine and fun blues originals to spiritual and metaphysical pieces that expose Carns' zealous faith and his take on political events."

Gypsy’s next release, in 2001, "Revelation Blues" is currently being played on radio in the US and as far away as Peru, Spain, Indonesia, and Russia. In 2002 "G FoRcE" was released and is again receiving excellent airplay around the world and has been reviewed in "Cross Rhythms" magazine - the foremost Christian music magazine in Europe. 2003 saw the release of FEEL GOOD! Gypsy ventured to Paris, France where he performed with his trio The French Army (Zizou "The Boss" Sadki - bass and Stephane "Taz D" Cavanez - drums) and recorded the powerful electric live release - "Feel Good!" at the legendary House Of Live. The single "Searchin'" has been featured on 3 magazine compilation CD's across the globe; Guitar & Basse - France, Cross Rhythms – England, and Blues Revue-USA.

The Blues Preacher has been nominated for "Acoustic Artist of the Year" in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 by The Music City Blues Society. In 2004 The Blues Preacher released 13 new songs on the all-acoustic, high-energy, foot-stompin' CD "RAW WORD." This has been accepted world wide with excellent reviews featured on the site. "Dark Eternity" is the lead-in song for the new Christian reality series "The Mission" based out of Canada. In 2005 Gypsy recorded two singles dealing with the Jewish nation and in particular Jerusalem. The DVD "Wailing Wall" can be seen on this site and has garnered excellent airplay in the states. The second single "Jerusalem In Ruins" is a warning to the Jewish nation to accept Yehsua as The Messiah or face the coming wrath of YHWH. Gypsy will perform in Jerusalem in August 2006. His newest CD "Gospel Train Coming" is a tribute to all the Masters - both bluesmen from the 1920's and 30's and present day prayer warriors who dedicate their lives to serving God and Jesus Christ with their music. Men like Blind Willie Johnson, Rev. Edward W. Clayborn, Son House, Rev. Gary Davis, the Rev. Pearly Brown, and a new generation of blues preachers like Glen Kaiser, Jimmie Bratcher, KM Williams and many others. The album includes 12 tracks all acoustic, performed on a 1940's Silvertone acoustic and two of Gypsy's favorite dobros. The record is coming out on TTM Records in May 2006 - experience this true acoustic spiritual journey! Download the tracks from this site under MUSIC.



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