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Gaye Adegbalola
Singer | Songwriter | Performer | Public Speaker | Educator

Gaye Adegbalola has been singing and playing guitar and harmonica with Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women since the popular acoustic blues group's inception in 1984. Together they have recorded seven CD's for Alligator Records, and have toured widely throughout the U.S. and abroad, receiving international acclaim. In 1990 Ms. Adegbalola was the recipient of the prestigious W.C. Handy Award for her song Middle Aged Blues Boogie.

Now through her latest album, Neo-Classic Blues with Roddy Barnes, Adegbalola embraces and redefines the classic style of the great blues divas of the 1920s and 30s - those often fiercely independent "wild women" who were unashamed to lay their souls bare and unafraid to give advice. Adegbalola and accompanist Roddy Barnes conjure up another era and deliver a dynamic cabaret-style performance that is both educational and entertaining.

Originally an educator with Fredericksburg, Virginia, public schools, Adegbalola was honored as Virginia State Teacher of the Year in 1982. She is a dynamic, engaging and motivational public speaker, and conducts a variety of workshops and seminars.

More about Gaye...

Born in Fredericksburg Virginia on March 21, 1944. Fredericksburg was, at that time, a segregated town. Her Dad, Clarence R. Todd, was a Planner & Estimator and was quite an artist--drawing and painting, part time jazz musician, and founder of Harambee 360s Experimental Theatre. Her Mom, Gladys P. Todd, was a community organizer who spearheaded the local civil rights struggle. She worked part time at the Youth Canteen and brought home all its old records--influencing Gaye's musical taste early on. 1st job was sorting dirty laundry, 45 cents/hour, The Sunshine Laundry.

Sat-in & picketed in Civil Rights Movement, 1960's. Graduated valedictorian, 1961. Received B.A. in Biology, minor in Chemistry, Boston University 1965. Jobs before teaching career--Technical Writer, TRW Systems; Biochemical Researcher, Rockefeller University; Bacteriologist, Harlem Hospital (also Union Representative Local 1199), 1965-70.

Activist in the Black Power Movement in New York City and formed Harlem Committee of Self-Defense, 1966-70. Married (since divorced) in NYC to Olumide (then manager of the original Last Poets -- the 1st rappers), from this union, son Juno Lumumba Kahlil born, 1969. Began work on novel, 500 Year Diary of An Oppressed Woman - 1969, completed 4th re-write in 1979; never published. Returned to Fredericksburg, 1970.

With her father, directed Black Experimental Theater Group, Harambee 360s, Gaye often acted in productions, 1970-88. (Father passes in 1977). Taught 8th Grade Science, High School Gifted & Talented Program, and Creative Thinking in Fredericksburg City Schools, 1971-88. Received Master of Education in Educational Media, specializing in photography, Virginia State University, 1978. Honored as Virginia State Teacher of the Year, 1982. Lectured and conducted Workshops on Motivational and Teaching Techniques to groups of teachers throughout Virginia, 1982-88.

Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women formed, 1984. Saffire records first album on the Saffire record label, 1987. Became full time touring musician with Saffire, 1988-present. Taught / teach blues workshops covering such topics as Blues Vocal Techniques, Blues Repertoire, Vocal Performance, Blues History, and Women's Blues, 1988- present. Saffire signs contract with Alligator Records, 1989; releases 1st recording in 1990; has recorded six CDs for Alligator, 1990-99. Won W.C. Handy Award for composing Blues Song of the Year, The Middle Aged Blues Boogie 1990.

Met life partner, Suzanne Moe, 1991. Blues Reporter for syndicated (70+ stations) radio program, World Cafe, on National Public Radio, recorded at WXPN, Philadelphia, PA, 1991-93. Faced medical challenges (two primary cancers) and life threatening complications, 1992. Recovery has been successful. Developed an appreciation for health and healing. Instructional Blues Vocal Techniques Video released on Homespun Tapes, 1997.

Founder and member of the Steering Committee of the Blues Music Association, 1998-present. Release of solo CD, Bitter Sweet Blues on Alligator Records, 1999. 1999 elected to the Board of Directors of the Blues Music Association (BMA). In 2001, Gaye's traditional blues is combined with her son Juno's synthetic Goth music. They call the resulting sound "Industrial Blues" and they call themselves "Blue Mama Black Son." For more information and for sound bytes, visit Sumoe's Other Art. 2001 - Saffire releases its 7th CD on Alligator Records, "Ain't Gonna Hush!"

Took over hosting for Dan Akroyd and programmed a "Women in the Blues" show for House of Blues' syndicated Radio Show, summer 2001, rebroadcast in 2002. Visited Africa in 2002 -- first to South Africa with Saffire; then to West Africa with her partner, Suzanne. Visit the gallery for photos of the West African trip. In 2003, cut back on extensive touring, performs more solo work and more presentations of "History of Women in the Blues" workshop. The U.S. Senate names 2003 the "Year of the Blues." This is due, in part, to the lobbying efforts of the BMA.

Gaye interviewed in episode #3 and Gaye & Juno (Blue Mama Black Son) interviewed in episode #12 of Public Radio International's (PRI) Year of the Blues Series documenting the history of the blues. Fall, 2003, debuts classic blues act with Roddy Barnes. "Neo-Classic Blues" CD released May, 2004. May, 2005, "Neo-Classic Blues" nominated for two Out Music Awards -- Outstanding CD by duo or group and Outstanding Producer.

SAFFIRE - Deluxe Edition
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records, 2006
Neo-Classic Blues
Gaye Adegbalola with Roddy Barnes
Hot Toddy Music HTMCD1920, 2004

Ain't Gonna Hush
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records, 2001

Learn to Sing the Blues
Taught by Gaye Adegbalola
2000, VHS

Bitter Sweet Blues
Gaye Adegbalola
Alligator Records ALCD4870, 1999

Live & Uppity
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records, 1998

Cleaning House
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records, 1996

Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records, 1994

Broad Casting
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records, 1992

Hot Flash
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records, 1991

SAFFIRE - The Uppity Blues Women
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
Alligator Records, 1990


To contact Gaye through Hot Toddy Music Publishing,
please write or email: Gaye Adegbalola c/o Hot Toddy Music
P.O. Box 7142, Fredericksburg, VA 22404
Email: hottoddy@adegbalola.com

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