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Tommy Allen's Trafficer

Tommy Allen - Musicial Biography

In 1990 Tommy got his first guitar at the age of 13 and began teaching himself to play. From 1995 to 1996 he attended the Guitar Institute. He eventually abandoned his tuition and instead entirely devoted himself to gaining experience on the road. Until the age of 21 this involved performing with Marcus Malone's band playing a mix of soul, funk and blues rock at hundreds of live gigs and music festivals around the country. He also features on Malone's album "One more time".

Having gained invaluable experience through touring with Malone, Tommy joined Nicky Moore Blues Corporation at the age of 21. Between 1998 and December 2001 Tommy played blues-rock with the Blues Corporation on two CDs ("300 pounds of joy" and "Live"), on never-ending tours of work from live radio shows to live performances and over-seas gigging.

Through these years he's worked, jammed and recorded with: Lazy Lester, Studebaker John, The Producers, Robin BiBi, Doctor JJ, John T-Bone Taylor (Bop Brothers), Dog House Hill, KGB, Ben Waters, Papa George, Rod Garfield, Danny Bryant, Dino Baptiste, Connie Lush, Robert Hokum, Earl Green, Todd Sharpville, Eddie Martin, Otis Grand, Ian Parker, Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown Sax Player), The Juke Joints, Bill Hurley (The Inmates), Eddie Martin, Simon Kirk and Mick Ralph (Bad Company). And many more...

On top of this between 2000 and 2001 Tommy played guitar for the Sugababes recording their single "Soul Sound" and appearing with them on 24 Television Shows, 6 of which were live, around 10 live performances in England and Europe plus a BBC Radio One live session. Up to date Tommy is not only being considered as one of Britain's top blues guitarist, he's now gaining a name as a song writer and performer, two areas he wants to push. He's now toured with Big Joe Turner (BB King and Stevie Wonders Bass player) and Mojo Buford (Muddy Waters Harp Player).

January 2004 saw Tommy accompany Sam Kelly on a live Jazz FM Session and Trafficker are soon to record a session for the BBC Radio 2 Paul Jones show to be transmitted in summer 2004. With Trafficker Tommy has in Feb 2004 recorded their first Radio Session for BBC Radio 2 (Paul Jones Show). And by December 2004 was ask back to do the Paul Jones Christmas Special again on BBC Radio2. Mojo Buford come to the UK again in 2005 and asked Tommy back to be his Guitarist on tour.

Trafficker had a change around and became a power trio at the start of 2005 and now with their third album out "Fade to Black" Tommy has shown again strength in his singing and writing abilities.

Tommy Allen - Personal Biography

I was born on December 13th 1977. Up until the age of 24 I lived in Basingstoke with my mum and just up the road from my brother Stephen and sister Beverley. My son Louis was born in August 1998 and is growing up to be a wonderful little boy. I met my fiancée Beth at the Colne Blues Festival in August 2001 and we got engaged a year later. Beth is in her final year of an English degree at university and we have planned our wedding for summer 2005. When I'm not gigging or driving (which I seem to spend most of my time doing) I enjoy watching films. Since getting my own house I have started cooking (which Beth enjoys!). I have recently traced my family tree back nearly 200 years and enjoy spending time with my family in Basingstoke.

The story so far...

It seems yet again I'm thrust into more directions. Just when you feel it's coming together right something always happens where you have two options left open, give up or carry on with it and build, as it's a learning thing all the time. So now with a little detox after Christmas 2004, with the old players messing me around Trafficker has moved forward starting with a new three-piece rhythm section and hopefully new songs with a third album under the pen. I would like to keep keyboards in but until I can find a committed keyboard player (if one exists) I have to work with what there is. But I do have a few guest keyboard players that will be dropping in on certain performances through the year.

Trafficker's songs have built and come a long way, it's been 3 years and Trafficker has travelled as far as Italy as well as constantly touring across UK. Trafficker has recorded two BBC Radio Two Session for Paul Jones, Supported Walter Trout and been the backing band behind Mojo Buford on his 2003 UK Tour.

Tommy Allen - Guitar and Vocals - tommyallen1@aol.com

Tommy was given his first guitar for Christmas in 1990 and at the age of 13 began to teach himself to play. In 1995 he was awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious guitar institute in London and could be seen busking on the streets in his home town of Basingstoke, as well as gaining experience around his local blues venues. However at the age of 19 he left the institute and joined the Marcus Malone band Red House, which included appearing on Malone's album "One more time".

At the age of 21 he joined Nicky Moore's Blues Corporation, performed all over Britain and Europe and recorded two CDs "300lb of joy" and "Live". He was also seen with the top British blues band the Producers with Harry Skinner in 2000 and in 1999-2000 appeared with the pop group Sugababes which included recording a single "Soul sound" and performing live on many television programmes. Through out this time he was busy recording his album on his home studio and appearing with dr JJs Blues Band. November 2002 he toured with Big JoJoe Turner and his Memphis Blues Caravan with Michael Roach on vocals. He has also jammed with many of the old greats of the blues world including Buddy Guy, Pee Wee Ellis and Luther Allison and is consistently described as the best young blues guitarist in Britain. The future looks bright!

Barry Pethers - Bass - barrypethers@hotmail.com

Barry Pethers was inspired to play Bass Guitar at just 15 years of age by the late, great Maurice Gibb, whom had a Bass Guitar made in the States and sent over for Barry. Barry never put down the instrument and shortly after, he joined the fantastic young band Too Hot To Handle. The band became extremely popular, twice supporting Dr. Feelgood and headlining many festivals.

After Too Hot To Handle, Barry joined the fabulous Dr. JJ's Blues Band, performing to packed audiences all over the country. Shortly after this came a request from Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) asking Barry to play Bass for him at a private solo concert. Barry was invited to record a track for the
Maurice Gibb Tribute Album. The track also featured Tommy Allen on vocals and guitar, and became the opening song of the album. Barry has also enjoyed success as a session player, with one song he performed on entering the European charts. Barry met his Bass hero, Marcus Miller at a London gig. Marcus asked Barry to play for him and said, "I'm very impressed. I look forward to hearing great things of you in the future!".

Barry has recently played & toured with the Robin Bibi Band and is still after 4 years plucking the strings with Dr.JJ. Barry says he is looking forward to playing with his long time friend Tommy & hopefully the future will be bright.

Craig Bacon - Drums - craigdrum2004@yahoo.co.uk

Craig's initial live experience was gained in pubs and clubs playing with covers bands, and original bands on the London circuit. During this time he had his first experience in the recording studio and has since worked with various artists, producers and writers including Alex Von Soos (All Saints, Atomic Kitten, Bellefire) Gary Bromham (George Michael, Dannii Minogue) and Brio Taliaferro (Sugababes, Aswad). He has also played fesitvals, made TV appearances and toured with a show band, playing to a click track and packed audiences every night. His drumming style is totally natural and groove based. He has studied at Drum Tech (London) honing his technique.


Marcus Malone - One More Time - RLB1804
The Blues Corporation - 300 pounds of Joy - 1003 BC
Dr JJ Blues Band - Live CD - Hal 003
The Blues Corporation - Live - 1004 BC
Sugababes - Soul Sound (Single) - loncd460 8573897862
Marcus Malone - Walkin' Shoes (Marcus Malone and Friends) - Redline Music no: RLB1808
Beegees Maurice Gibb Tribute song - "On Time"
Trafficker - Lost In The Frame (2002)
Trafficker - Natures Most Wanted (2003)
Trafficker - Fade To Black (December 2005)

More info here:
trafficker - traffickeruk@aol.com
00 44 (0) 7944 083477 or 00 44 (0)1948 770215
Pete Evans - pete@hookerblues.co.uk

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