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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

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Foto: Babak

Foto: Babak

Red Light Rippers

In a world where bands are a dime a dozen, Red Light Rippers have arrived to save the day. Too showy for punk rock, too rugged for glam, RLR are straight up, in your face, Kick Ass Rock and Roll.

Red Light Rippers are:

Rip Skinner- Vox and Tambourine
Staci T. Rat - Lil' Strings and Vox
Stephane DeBernardi - Big Strings and Backing Vox
Bonz - Traps and Backing Vox

Influences include early AC / DC, ZZ Top, Van Halen circa David Lee Roth, G'N'R and more recently Buckcherry and Jet. Their drive and intensity can be heard in their songs and witnessed in their must see live show. They strive to deliver a performance you won't forget and ensure you've gotten your money's worth.

2004 RLR recorded a 6 song demo at Toronto's Studio 92 and went through over 2000 copies
2004 RLR invited to play both CMW and NXNE showcases
2004 RLR included on 1 compilation CD
2005 RLR invited to play CMW showcase
2005 RLR included on 2 compilation CD's
2006 RLR released "Nobody Likes a Rat" through Fading Ways UK
2006 RLR toured the UK twice
2006 RLR included on 2 compilation CD's
2006 RLR continue to play in Ontario, Quebec and the North Eastern United States

Davor Matosevic - videos
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Andjelko Jurkas (HR) - Bez rocka trajanja (Knjiga + CD)
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Gary Talley (USA) - Guitar Playing for Songwriters
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