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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

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Jeff Beasley's solo guitar style is a distillation of traditional and progressive influences. One of Jeff's earliest childhood memories is improvising guitar to his mother's favorite Beatles and Motown records. He was given his first guitar at age 7, and quickly graduated to the influence of progressive bands. During his school-age years, Jeff devoured any new music he could lay his hands on. At age 9 he picked up an audio cassette he happened to find lying on the side of the road. He took it home and memorized all the guitar licks. The year was 1972. Another of Jeff’s favorite memories is listening to the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio broadcast. In his early teens, his ambition to be a professional guitarist took hold. After graduating high school, Jeff pursued formal music degrees at the University of North Alabama. To fund his education, he worked summers in a box factory.

Jeff Beasley remembers relentlessly analyzing scales and arpeggios throughout his shifts, in order to get his practice time in. In college, Jeff acquired a firm basis in music theory and classical guitar. He specialized in neoclassical techniques. Early in his career as a solo musician, Jeff developed a friendship with Eddie "Spanky" Alford and gained a strong foundation in jazz guitar under his tutelage. It is no exaggeration that Jeff's debut instrumental CD, "Tiebreaker" (2006), is the fruition of an entire life of musical study and intro / retrospection.

"Tiebreaker" showcases Jeff's truly virtuosic guitar skills and mind-boggling versatility and is dedicated to all those who paved the way to his professional success. Jeff currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. During breaks in recording, he teaches privately in Huntsville and is on The National Guitar Workshop faculty in Nashville, TN. He writes the column "Lethal Guitar" for the nationally-distributed guitar magazine "Musicians Hotline". He is endorsed / endorses RKS Guitars, THD Amplifiers, DiMarzio Pick-Ups, Ensotec Cables, Knucklehead Strings, Keeley Electronics, and In Tune Guitar Picks.

EDUCATION: B. A. Commercial Music, B. A. Classical Guitar, University of North Alabama.
INSTRUCTORS: David Brown, Ph.D., James Allen, Randy Lindsay, Eddie "Spanky" Alford.
PRESS / PUBLICATIONS: "Guitarist Network Magazine", "Hot Stuff Magazine", "Music and Arts in Alabama", "Music For The World Magazine", "Musicians Hotline Magazine", "Lethal Guitar Columnist" 2003-present.
AWARDS: MCA Talent Search Winner, 1981 / Alabama Assemblies Orchestra Member of the Year, 1991 / MOVA Semifinalist, 2003.
ENDORSEMENTS: RKS Guitars, THD Amps, DiMarzio Pick-Ups, Ensotec Cables, Knucklehead Strings, Keeley Electronics, In Tune Guitar Picks.
SKILLS: Electric, acoustic, classical guitar.
PROFESSIONAL: 20 years full-time guitar instructor, 30 years combined performance, studio, and instruction; Faculty member, National Guitar Workshop (Nashville); Owner, GuitarSource3.com .
DISCOGRAPHY: "Tiebreaker" (2006).
JEFF HAS PLAYED OR PERFORMED WITH THE FOLLOWING ARTISTS: Eddie "Spanky" Alford - John Mayer; Johnny Hiland; Rick Derringer; Gorky Park; Bad Company; CCR; Edgar Winter Group; Jimmy Way - Chris Duarte; Carmine Appice - Rod Stewart / Ozzy Osbourne; Gary Rossington - Lynyrd Skynyrd; Stan Lassiter; Roy Vogt; Damon Johnson; J. D. Blair - Shania Twain; Bob Carlisle; Razzy Bailey...


"Beasley really knows his stuff, great guitarist!" Eddie "Spanky" Alford (John Mayer).
"Wow! Neoclassical mayhem... Jeff radiates confidence in his notes and fierce technical ability, yet can also show restraint... looking forward to hearing more!" Guitarist Network.
"Jeff Beasley's material is very impressive ... high quality." Guitar for the Practicing Musician.
"Great dynamics, great flow, excellent attack on the strings..." Ron Thal.

PRESS KIT: Available on request (contact info below)
RELATED LINK: Jeff Beasley - Tiebreaker (review)



More info available here:

Jeff Beasley
C/O JBH Management Group
ATTN: Hundley Batts, Jr.
P.O. Box 461, Huntsville, Alabama 35804

Phone: (256) 508-0628

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Andjelko Jurkas (HR) - Bez rocka trajanja (Knjiga + CD)
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