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Pearl (B / NL)

One night in Antwerp, about 6 years ago, Jan (guitarist) was playing with his band "Smokin' Beaucoup Boogie Band" in one of the many bars, were bands were playing every weekend. There he met Anita, who was invited by the Hammond player of this band, to come and see us. They started talking 'bout music etc. and they made an appointment in order to do a little jamming together, to find out if magic of making music together was also with them. So, togheter with Anita and the Hammond player, they called some friends and started jamming for a whole night.

This was the beginning of Pearl. Jos (the bassplayer), was also there at this first session. The group of people was strongly convinced that, no matter what, they should work together as a band. Then after a while of rehearsals and gigs, they find out that not everybody could fit in. In the 4 years that followed, they changed the drummer. Hans came in and became a very imported new steady motor, the kind a groove they needed. Pascal came also in as keyboard player, he gave more passion to the band in its music than it had been before. After all these changes, the group got more strongly convinced that this was the the right combination of the people to do the job and get it together.

The last year they became much more mature as a band and group of performing musicians. They did some interesting gigs on festivals and clubs in Holland and Belgium, had gotten good reviews. Once they played somewhere, they always had to come back for another gig. They like to keep it that way!!

You don’t have to make any faraway trips!!! The band Pearl shows you, that a smokin' evening of rockin' blues and hot funk with a slice of soul can be easily arranged in your town. Under command of the Belgian singer Anita Francke, they will take you along the musical borders from the 60's till now. This smokin' band is playing their socks of in 2 big sets of nasty rockin'-blues 'n soul. No turning point till now, once they've played somewhere, they persuade, and they have to come back and again! Covers from Tina Turner, Sass Jordan en Melissa Etheridge, but also Skunk Anansie and Anouk are on their playlist among many other good stuff. But also ... close your eyes and you will listen to the reincarnation of Janis Joplin herself. This enormous voice sound from Anita is getting pretty much back up by her floating band, which goes all the way!

Pearl is not a band to write about on a piece of paper. Pearl is something you have to experience by yourself! They are ready to come to your town!


"PEARL" (3 songs Demo EP CD,
recorded in Pearl studio, June 2004)

recorded in Pearl Studio,
produced by Pearl, April 2005)

"LIVE 013" (Concert recorded live during the
"Tuzla-benefit-concert" at '013', Tilburg,
Netherlands, May 2006)
Coming up:

"LIVE 013" (DVD of the Concert
recorded live at '013',
Tilburg, Netherlands, October 2006)

New, original Pearl material,
we are work right now on
is expected in March 2007.

Pearl is:

Anita Francke - leading vocal
Jos van Es - bass and upright bass
Hans Pattipeiloby - drums and backing vocal
Judea de Hond - keyboards and backing vocal
Jan Brosens - guitars

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