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B.B. & The Blues Shacks

B.B. & The Blues Shacks:
- The unmistakable sound of the 40's and 50's -
- Respectful of the blues tradition, but at the same time innovative -
- Enthusiastic audiences all over Germany and Europe -

B.B. & The Blues Shacks today have developed into the most successful performers of traditional blues in Europe. Since its formation in 1989, the band from Hildesheim / Germany has established itself as one of the top acts within the blues scene, with countless club and festival appearances all over Europe. With their swinging and shuffling brand of blues from the 1940's and 1950's, together with their own compositions in this style, they are among the most authentic blues bands active today. Whether covering lesser-known classics of the era or performing their own songs, B.B. & The Blues Shacks always show their respect of their idols, such as T-Bone Walker or Sonny Boy Williamson.

But at the same time, the Shacks are very much up to date, incorporating contemporary topics and recent events in their own songs, telling their own stories of today. Although their own compositions sound like they could have been written in the 50's, the imaginative lyrics and creative musical ideas make them sound fresh. www.bluesshacks.com .

The band has gathered essential experience by backing up many touring American blues acts such as R.J. Mischo, Kid Ramos and Smokey Wilson, contributing to the further development of their own mature musical expression. Besides their musical prowess, B.B. & The Blues Shacks are an exciting visual live act with a repertoire that encompasses Delta Blues, Swing, Chicago Blues, and West Coast Jump Blues, all the way to 50's style Rock 'n' Roll. This is music for all lovers of charged-up blues shows without any hackneyed clichés! Back to the essentials of electric blues with B.B. & The Blues Shacks!

B.B. & The Blues Shacks are:

Michael Arlt - vocals / harmonica
Andreas Arlt - guitar
Dennis Koeckstadt - piano
Henning Hauerken - upright bass
Andreas Bock - drums

- elected "best blues band" by the readers of "BluesNews" magazine several times
- CDs elected "best German blues album" in "BluesNews" magazine
- Talking Blues Award

Important events:
- In October 2001, the renowned label CrossCut Records (Bremen) signed B.B. & The Blues Shacks.
- Back-up band of St. Louis sax player / singer Erskine Oglesby live as well as on his Black & Tan CD release "Honkin' and Shoutin'".
- Michael Arlt opened up the Blues Gala at the World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen.
- Featured at the largest British blues festival, the Great British R 'n' B Festival (Colne).
- European tours with harmonica player / singer R.J. Mischo from San Francisco.
- Blues-at-Schools Project, educational project that was featured on German TV.
- Appearances at the renowned Gaildorf Bluesfestival (Germany) and More Blues Festival (Belgium) with ex-Fabulous-Thunderbirds guitarist Kid Ramos.
- Appeared in the most popular blues club in America, "Buddy Guy's Legends" (Chicago), with James Cotton.
- Appearances at two of Europe's most important blues festivals, the Notodden Blues Festival (Norway) and the Lucerne Blues Festival (Switzerland).
- European tours with blues legend Smokey Wilson and with singer / harp player Tad Robinson.
- Recording session in Los Angeles (USA) with Kid Ramos and Fred Kaplan.

Utrecht Blues Festival
Antwerpen Blues Festival
Leverkusener Jazztage
Burnley Blues Festival
Mönsteras Blues Festival
Sandnes Blues Festival
Hell Blues Festival
Bluesfestival Balver Höhle
Bluesfestival Unna
Munster Jazzfestival
Moscow Ochakovo Blues Festival
Ascona New Orleans Jazz Festival
Colne Great British R&B Festival
Bluesnight Corsica
New Morning Paris
Brüssel Blues Festival
House of Arts Athens

"The BB's are probably the best blues band I have ever heard in Germany." (Götz Alsmann, WDR Radio)
"One of the most swinging bands in Europe!" (Klaus Kilian, German Blues Circle Info)
"Five stars - more than rewarding." (Bluesboarder, Belgium / Holland)
"Germany's blues band No. 1 with one of the best European releases." (Detlev Hoegen, CrossCut Records)
"B.B. & The Blues Shacks are something special in this area." (Rolling Stone Magazine)
"This band electrified everybody. To hear them play is an exceptional experience." (Rundblick)
"The flow of energy between band and audience is just right." (Kölner Stadt Anzeiger)
"The Shacks manage better than just about any other band to master the combination of tradition and individual expression." (Harmonica Player)


Live At Vier Linden
2006 (CrossCut CD 11088)

Blue Avenue
2004 (CrossCut CD 11114)

Midnite Diner
2001 (Crosscut CD 11070)

Straight Blues / Big Swing
& the Swing edition
1999 (CD ST 18)

Straight Blues / Big Swing
& the Blues edition
1999 (CD ST 17)

Live at the Lucerne Blues
Festival feat. Tad Robinson
1998 (CD ST 11/ET 19)

Reality Show
1997 (CD ST 08/ET 14)

Jive Talk Slow Walk
1996 (CD ST 04/ET 09)

Feelin’ Fine Today
1994 (CD ST 01/ET 04)

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