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The heavy band from Slovakia, VINDEX, plays music based on rough power metal riffs and nimble twin-guitar neo-classical melodies. The trademark of the band is the vocalist, who is reminiscent of singers like Udo Dirkschneider, Chris Boltendahl or Graham Bonnet. This gives the bands music a rough edge to offset the smooth compositions and thus prevents the songs from becoming overly sentimental.

The band started its existence in 2000 as a studio project of a young bass guitarist Ronnie König, who started recording his own compositions. The first one who joined him was a friend of Ronnie, guitarist Jozef Rigo (Spring 2002). As the songs were arranged for two guitars, they soon invited Ronnie's former school mate and talented metal guitarist, Ado Kalaber. Unfortunately, they could not find a drummer capable of playing classic metal style in time for recordings. As a result, they had to compromise and use a drum-machine instead. Ludek Struhar, the vocalist had joined the band shortly before recording his parts. Interestingly, he was found via Accept tribute band Flashback from the Czech Republic. Moreover, he is also known as a skillful drummer of now disbanded Premier, once one of the top-selling rock bands in former Czechoslovakia.

This line-up recorded the band's first and only demo CD named "Rise Up!" (September 2003). Soon afterwards, the line-up was completed. Adrian Ciel, talented drummer, joined the band in March / April 2004 and Jozef Rigo, who could not continue playing in the band due to personal reasons was replaced by Ronnie's old friend, eccentric guitarist Marian Micek in May 2004. Keyboard player, Jano Tupy, collaborates with the band since October 2004. He became an official member of the band on 20th March 2006.

Ambitiously, the band immediately started playing their live gigs. The first two dates took place nowhere else than on two biggest summer rock festivals which were organized in Slovakia in 2004, "More Than Fest" in Martin and "Masters Of Rock" in Senec. There they shared the same stage with the bands like Helloween, Pink Cream 69, or recently reunited Europe. Their live activities also continued during the following year, although the band focused on rehearsing and recording new studio material, which comprised more tracks than for just one album.

In October 2005 VINDEX released their debut album, "Power Forge", with a special guest appearance of Victor Smolski (RAGE) by Italian label Adrenaline / Steelheart Records in Europe and Japan. Unfortunately, due to no support from the label, the album could not receive recognition it deserved. The band did not give up and searched for a better record deal and decided to record a new album as soon as possible.

The recording sessions took place in late 2005 and early 2006 and resulted in recording consisting of 10 original tracks. These were subsequently mastered by no one else than Vincent Sorg (Principal Studios, Germany), the man responsible for the sound of such top notch acts as RAGE or GRAVE DIGGER. The album entitled, "No Middle Ground", enlists songs stylistically spanning metal from neo-classical power metal to energetic hard rock, while keeping all the elements presented on "Power Forge". Teaming up with Streetproduction and Chavis Records, VINDEX are now ready to enter the highest metal league and prove their qualities.



Ludek Struhar - vocals
Ado Kaláber - guitars
Marian Micek - guitars
Ronnie König - bass
Jano Tupý - keyboards
Adrián Ciel - drums

Power Forge + bonus track (full-length)
November 2006, Chavis Records, USA (N&S America, Asia)

No Middle Ground
September 2006, Streetproduction, Slovakia (Czech Republic, Slovakia)
November 2006, Chavis Records, USA (N&S America, Europe, Asia)

Power Forge
October 2005, Adrenaline / Steelheart Records, Italy (Europe)
Rise Up! (demo)
September 2003, self-released

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