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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

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Lorna Reilly - vocals
"Blessed with the voice of an angel" - Lorna has been singing since she could talk, and as the high priestess of vocals in Funkydory, she also has the fun task of writing all the lyrics and melodies in our originals. Her dynamic and soulful vocal style sets her apart instantly - earning rave reviews for every performance.
Lorna and Jules met as members of London based blues-rock band Roadhouse (signed to the Blues Matters! independent record label), playing many gigs from pubs and blues clubs through to the largest festivals on the British blues circuit. Prior to joining Roadhouse, Lorna has gigged and recorded with many bands, including the Utah Saints, sung her way into the charts, toured in Europe, and been the subject of a BBC documentary about learning to drive!
Lorna uses whatever make of mic is given to her - and it always sounds great! She also now knows how to ski!

Jules Fothergill - guitars
As rhythm, lead and slide guitarist, Jules is possibly the geekiest member of the band. His fascination with gadgets and gizmos extends from webdesign to mixing and producing albums - on top of doing that he still finds time to gig more frequently than most. Hassling his mum into buying a guitar on his 16th birthday pushed him over a slippery slope into total obsession, which has resulted in a long standing overdraft, many sleepless nights and long drives, and an unhealthy love of fast and uneconomical cars. He now drives a Skoda.
In recent times Jules has also be seen gigging with Roadhouse and The John O'Leary Band (having also produced and recorded their second album on his home studio in 2004) and has cropped up everywhere from Jazz FM to GMTV. His personal highlight of 2005 was playing alongside former Rolling Stone guitarist Mick Taylor at The London Astoria in June, as part of a tribute to sax player Dick Heckstall-Smith. Jules currently favours his 335, "Constantine", played into a Fender Super Reverb. He also has his own site.

Funkydory - "Still"

Marc Le Guerrannic - guitars
Guitarist Marc plays in a way possibly unrivalled on the live circuit at the moment. The fact that he's vegetarian also has a lot to do with it we feel - the sign of a creative mind perhaps? Playing pure Jazz guitar from his early teens meant that, on moving from Paris to London in the late 90s, his open minded approach to blues and rock has lent his style a melodic yet edgy and incisive quality not often heard on the circuit. He also has a rare ability of driving a 1 litre Toyota Yaris faster than Michael Schumacher. Marc prefers to play his Les Paul into a Fender Deluxe tube amp. Purist!

Hayden "Pumperloaf" Doyle - drums
Drummer Hayden is possibly the second geekiest member of the band. With a knowledge of computers that would terrify Bill Gates, he also takes the hard earned crown for being "Max Power Sponsorship Deal Seeker of the Year". A ride in his super modified Mondeo is akin to stepping aboard the Enterprise, if you can imagine Sulu watching a built in DVD and stepping on aluminium racing pedals and Scotty tuning up the warp drive with a bright blue and very noisy air filter. Always a pleasure!
Hayden's awesome percussive power is also put to good use as part of London based band fREAK-1-C, who are regulars on the VW Owner Festival circuit. He plays a large, loud and exceptionally shiny Yamaha Oak Custom drumkit, and a cheap as chips Stagg Bass Drum Pedal.

Ian "Lillian" Mauricio - bass
Ian a.k.a Lillian is the most recent member to join the Funkydory family, replacing the inimitable Fox in December 2005. An old friend of Jules' from his time as part of fREAK-1C, after stepping in as a dep he fitted like a glove and is an awesome addition to the band. His Albert King style upside-down lefty approach to bass gives him a totally unique and extremely funky feel, which combine with his imagination and love of harmonics and all things rock-ular to make a low frequency force to be reckoned with.

Like Jules, Lillian eschews all motoring style and fashion and can be found cruising the mean streets in his Skoda estate.

Lorna Reilly

Jules Fothergill

Marc Le Guerrannic

Hayden "Pumperloaf" Doyle

Ian "Lillian" Mauricio

Funkydory Line-Up:

Lorna Reilly - vocals
Jules Fothergill - guitars
Marc Le Guerrannic - guitars
Hayden "Pumperloaf" Doyle - drums
Ian "Lillian" Mauricio - bass

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