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Susan & The SurfTones

The band started out in the fall of 1993 in Rochester, NY as The SurfTones. A DIY cassette recording found its way to Gerd Dietrich in Hamburg, Germany. Gerd signed the band to his label, Gee-Dee Music, in 1995 and changed the band's name to Susan & The SurfTones. Our first CD, "Without A Word" was released in November 1995. In April of 1996 Dave Anderson (bass) Judd Williams (drums) and I made a trip to Hamburg to play at Grosse Freiheit 36 with The Looney Tunes and The Space Hobos.

"Thunderbeach", our second Gee-Dee release came out in September of 1997. We went back to Germany for a tour with The Looney Tunes and Husky & The Sandmen. Brian Goodman was the drummer on this tour. After the 1997 European Tour the band "relocated" to Albany, NY. when both Brian and I moved there from Rochester. Kim13 joined the band on Farfisa and Vox organ and Buck Malen joined on bass.

This line-up recorded our third Gee-Dee release, "Bitchin'" which was released in December, 1998 and did a month-long European tour in February, 2000. A four-song EP, "This Ain't No Beach Party" was released for that tour on Freddy Spaepen's Surf Waves label. Our live CD "All The Beat, All The Best" was recorded in April of 2000 with Dave Anderson back on bass and released in October, 2000 by Surf Waves.

Immediately after that recording I moved west to Portland, Oregon. I joined up with Kim, Brian and Dave for yet another month-long European tour in February 2001. Our versions of "(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance" and "Runaway" appeared on OmOm Music's "That's New Pussycat" and "American Grafitti Revisted" compilations.

Our next release was a full-length compilation CD of all our original material to date (2001) on Acme Brothers Records. The title of this CD is "The Originals," perhaps a bit unimaginative but certainly to the point.

My move west was made with the idea that it would be temporary. That turned out not to be the case. When it became evident that I would not be going back east it was time to re-form S&ST on the west coast. Avory Gray joined on combo organ. Avory's got an arsenal that includes a GEM, a pair of Whitehalls, and an Ekosonic.

In July 2002, we went to California for a short tour with Bob Becker on drums and Jim Fritz on bass. Jim and Bob joined us for the recording of "Wrap-Around," our full-length CD which was released by OmOm Music in December of 2002. We also have two tracks on OmOm's "Jesus Christ Surferstar" compilation. Bob and Jim were with us for "King Herod's Song." Avory and I tackled "Everything's Alright" by ourselves after a phone call from Rob at OmOm looking for a speedy recording of the tune so he could get the comp released in its entirety.

In 2003 Avory, Dan Ferguson (bass) and Matt Miner (drums) and I traveled to San Francisco to play at the Hotel Utah with Pollo Del Mar and Surf Cinema. We also appeared on Phil Dirt's radio show at KFJC. We had a great time at both gigs.

2004 brought our next full-length CD "Night In Old Town" on Acme Brothers Records as well as some great comps... KFJC's "Curl Rider" and Rickshaw Records' "Charlie Does Surf," a tribute to the Clash. Marky Kelly joined us in the studio in 2004, lending her lead keyboard to a few songs on "Night In Old Town." John Abel joined us on drums in 2005. We played at a "Beach Night" game for Portland's NBA team, the Trailblazers, to a crowd of about 15,000. We also played the NW Tiki Crawl in 2005. We had a great time playing with the Surf Coasters (Japan) during their visit to Portland.

As far as recordings go, in 2005 we had the title track on OmOm's "Hair" tribute compilation. Our version of "Chinese Rock" was included on "Ramoneskidz" a Russian, you guessed it, Ramones tribute comp. In November 2005, we traveled to Seattle WA to play at the Rockrgrl Conference.

2006 finds Susan, Avory, Marky and Matt back in the studio working up a digital-only release called "Fluid Drive." Susan's playing bass on this one as well as lead and rhythm guitar. Will we do any more live gigs? As the magic 8-ball says, "Reply hazy - try again later."

New album - "Fluid Drive"

Susan L. Yasinski

The first sign of trouble appeared when I was about seven. I played "guitar" on a tennis racquet to Elvis songs and flipped my collar up just like the King. A few years later Ed Sullivan booked The Beatles and I found my one true love... a piece of wood with six strings. I started taking lessons with a great teacher who introduced me to The Ventures and there was no turning back now. There was one problem, however; in 1966 the boys wouldn't let a girl play guitar in their garage bands... at least not in Hudson, NY where I grew up.

Off to Smith College I went with guitar in hand but still no band. After graduation from Boston University School of Law my first job transferred me to New York City. After years of musical frustration I started my first band which had a vocalist. There was a second NYC band with vocals and then I moved to Rochester, NY. There were two more bands with vocalists and then I got it right...

Susan & The SurfTones are:
Susan L. Yasinski - guitar, bass
Avory Gray - gem organ
Marky Kelly - Gem organ
Matt Miner - drums
Dan Ferguson - bass

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