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Harlem Kiddies with King George

King George Discovery
King George & Harlem Kiddies

1967-68: The Harlem Kiddies: Willie Ray: vcl, Paul Weeden: gtr, Les Brathwaite: keys, Dave Turnball: sax, Claude Bartee: sax, Grave Hansen: dms + George Clemons: vcl, Billie Jo Thomas: keys, Jesse Wilkes: sax, Kurt Hansen: sax, Wordie Jones: keys, Anders Lindskog: sax, James Buchanan: sax

1968-69: King George Discovery: George Clemons: vcl / bs, Anders Nordh: gtr, Paul "Palle" Sundlin: bs, Lennart "Lily" Bergman: dms

A black singer George Clemons had created quite a remarkable career in the USA before moving to Sweden in the last part of the 1960s. "King" George was born in Virginia but moved to New York in the early 1960s, and started singing at Harlem night clubs such as Apollo. He worked now and then with Don Covay & the Goodtimers, and even appeared on Covay's hit single "Mercy Mercy" in 1964. He was also involved with the King Curtis Band, which got him to make friends with young Jimi Hendrix. King George's solo career started with single release "Drive On James", where he was accompanied by part of the Ray Charles Band including Bernard "Pretty" Purdie on drums.

The Harlem Kiddies was a group of all-black American musicians led by the Swedish orchestra leader and drummer Grave Hansen. After a couple of line-up changes in 1967, George Clemons was offered to come in Europe and become the group's new lead singer. The Harlem Kiddies arrived in Stockholm in 1966 for three months but ended up touring around two years instead.

Along with King George, concurrently the Harlem Kiddies' music style stabilized into a combination of soul, jazz, pop and rhythm 'n' blues. Their homebase was in Denmark, and almost all their recordings were recorded and released there. The group toured around Scandinavia until breaking up in 1968. One of their concert highlights was to open for Jimi Hendrix in Copenhagen.

After Harlem Kiddies, Clemons built around him the King George Discovery, which consisted of an older musician Lennart Bergman and two 20-year old fellows - Anders Nordh and Paul Sundlin. Discovery took their name from the Charles Lloyd album, but their music was particularly influenced by Jimi Hendrix Experience and soul artists. Discovery was a well-celebrated live band, and they performed for instance at the Sweden's biggest festival of 1968 in Timrl. Also their self-titled LP released in 1968 got an excellent reception.

Right then when everything seemed to look bright, the bassist Sundlin left the group because of differing musical opinions, and besides singing, Clemons began now to play the bass. King George Discovery eventually broke up in 1969 when the guitarist Nordh left them to join a pop band called Blond. King George continued as a solo artist, and he also did some recordings in the early 1970s mostly with his backing group Red White & Blues. During the years, he has worked with countless musicians both in Europa and America, and he's also kept on doing new recordings as King George Band and King George Bluesology.

Harlem Kiddies with King George

King George Discovery

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