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Snowy White

Terence Charles "Snowy" White (born 3 March 1948, in Barnstaple, Devon), is an English guitarist, mostly known for having played for Thin Lizzy (permanent member from 1979 to 1981) and for Pink Floyd (as a back-up player; he was first invited to join the band through Europe and the United States, in 1977).

The collaboration with these two bands was very complicated; the invitation to rehearse the live show of "The Wall" for Pink Floyd happened at the same time he was invited to become a full-time member of Thin Lizzy, with whom he recorded / co-wrote their "Chinatown" and "Renegade" albums. The connection to Pink Floyd remained throughout the years. White was invited by the then former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters to perform in another take of "The Wall", in 1990, by the ruins of the Berlin Wall, along with other guest artists. Also in 1991 for the 'Guitar Legends' concert, in Seville, and with David Gilmour as the guest on Snowy's 1994 album "Highway to the Sun", appearing on the track "Love, Pain and Sorrow", with Gilmour playing his whammy-pedal induced Fender Stratocaster which was recorded at Gilmour's houseboat studio The Astoria.

Apart from guest appearances by Chris Rea, David Gilmour and Gary Moore, it also introduced two new Dutch-Indonesian musicians, Juan van Emmerloot (drums) and Walter Latupeirissa (bass and rhythm guitar). Kuma Harada also played bass and rhythm.

White's next album project was entitled "Gold Top", after his well-known Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Standard guitar. It features material in which White has been involved from as far back as 1974 right up to 1996, including two tracks from Thin Lizzy, jams from the Peter Green "In the Skies" session (with Peter on 2nd guitar), Al Stewart "Live in Philadelphia" (1974), and the only complete version of the Pink Floyd song "Pigs on the Wing" featuring White's original guitar solo.

White has recorded five albums with his White Flames band. The first three were "No Faith Required" in 1996, "Little Wing" in 1998 and "Keep Out: We Are Toxic" in 1999 (see discography below).

In 1999 White joined Roger Waters for his band's "In the Flesh" U.S. tour, which was so successful that, in the Summer of 2000, Waters again toured the U.S., this time recording a live album and making a film of the show. Once again, from February to July 2002 White toured the world with Roger Waters.

Another White Flames album (as a three-piece), entitled "Restless", was released in May 2002.

Spring 2005 saw the release of a new White Flames album, entitled "The Way It Is", with a basic four-piece outfit consisting of Richard Bailey (drums / percussion), Walter Latupeirissa (bass) and Max Middleton (keyboards). White is now touring with this band to promote the album. A DVD, "The Way It Is...Live!" has been completed.

White toured with Roger Waters in the "The Dark Side Of The Moon Live" tour, playing in Europe, North America and Australia.


1983: Snowy White - White Flames
1984: Snowy White - Snowy White (also known as Land of Freedom)
1984: Snowy White - That Certain Thing
1988: Snowy White's Blues Agency - Change My Life
1989: Snowy White's Blues Agency - Open For Business (aka Blues On Me)
1994: Snowy White - Highway to the Sun
1995: Mick Taylor & Snowy White - Arthur's Club-Geneve 1995
1996: Snowy White & the White Flames - No Faith Required
1998: Snowy White & the White Flames - Little Wing (released as Melting in USA)
1999: Snowy White & the White Flames - Keep Out - We Are Toxic
2002: Snowy White & the White Flames - Restless
2005: Snowy White & the White Flames - The Way It Is
1993: Snowy White's Blues Agency - The Best of Snowy White's Blues Agency
1996: Snowy White - Goldtop: Groups & Sessions
1999: Snowy White - Pure Gold - The Solo Years 1983-98 (compilation)
2003: Snowy White - Bird Of Paradise - An Anthology (compilation, Double CD)
Thin Lizzy
Chinatown, 1980
Renegade, 1981
Life, 1983
Pink Floyd
Animals (bridging piece on 8-track cartridge only), 1977
Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81, 2000
Richard Wright
Wet Dream by Richard Wright, 1978
Roger Waters
The Wall Live in Berlin, 1990
In the Flesh: Live, 2000
Flickering Flame: The Solo Years Vol. 1, 2002
Other recordings featuring Snowy White
...Waiting On You by Jonathan Kelly's Outside, 1974
In the Skies by Peter Green, 1979
Solo in Soho by Philip Lynott, 1980
Snow Blind Tom Newman and Friends, c. 1983[citation needed]
New Worlds Fair, Micheal Moorcock and The Deep Fix
Live From London (2005)
The Way It Is...Live! (2005)
Instropective (2005)

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