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  Barikada - World Of Music - Rock biografije
Base of Koprivnica Popular And Rock Music History
Urbi et orbi
Base of Koprivnica Popular And Rock Music History

Centre Of Koprivnica (about 1938)

Centre Of Koprivnica (2007)
photo by D. Budna

Koprivnica has got the status of the free royal town in 1356. After that, Koprivnica has been developing as a part of middle European culture. The town (with almost 30.000 inhabitants) is the centre of county and its location is defined by the touch of lowlands named Podravina and it has one of the most beautiful main city squares in this part of Europe.

Our most important and meaningful professional and amateur musicians and bands were:

Šestak Tomo (born 1852 in Prague - died 1921 in Koprivnica) was professional famous conductor and composer. He finished music conservatory in Prague 1973 and than started to work in Koprivnica and to teach violin, piano, organ. He was also arranging and writing many of well known songs and conducting many famous choirs and orchestras in Koprivnica. Photo - Šestak Tomo
Holubek (Funjak) Mariška (born in Szariszap, Hungary, about 1900 - lived in Koprivnica since 1910 - died in Koprivnica 1993) was amateur multiinstrumentalist. When she was five years old her father (musician in army orchestra) gived her violin. Soon she started to learn harmonica and piano. She was exceptional music phenomenon and very popular in Koprivnica since early 1960's when she played violin with "Kanarini" - Bedekovic Juraj (acoustic bass), Hrubec Vlatko (harmonica), Bešenic Stanko and sometimes also Štefanic Slavko (guitar) and Gregl Željko (violin). They played schlagers and traditional country music from Podravina. In 1970's she was well-known in Koprivnica like a "Grandmother Mariška". Since 1981 (until the middle of 1980's) she founded "Mariška Band". They played evergreens, schlagers, traditional songs from Podravina and American country music. Croatian film director Krelja Petar made documentary movie about Mariška and her band.

Holubek Mariška (1979)

Holubek Mariška
Dominis Vladimir (born 1903 in Postire - small village on Croatian island Brac) was famous professional conductor and composer. He started to learn music in private schol at famous music teacher and composer Hace Josip in Split with young Gotovac Jakov and Tijardovic Ivo (afterward they also became very famous Croatians composers). Later on, he finished music conservatory "Djuzepe Tratini" in Trieste, Italy, and started to work like professional music conductor and composer. He liveded and worked in Koprivnica since 1938 until his death 1961. Photo - Dominis Vladimir
Vukic Ivan (born 1927 in Glogovac - small village near Koprivnica - in a poor miner family, died 2005 in Koprivnica) was exceptional and very active amateur musician - multiinstrumentalist. He started to learn harp when he was nine year old. Few years later he learned to play many traditional ethno string instruments. In 1937 he founded and ran the first traditional country band. After the World War II he started to work in a mine colliery in Glogovac and fig originator a miner's brass orchestra. In 1950's he played with "Koprivnica Brass Orchestra". Until 1960's he learned to play guitar, Hawaiian guitar, mandolin, harmonica, saxophone and clarinet. In 1964 he founded country cover band "Bratstvo" - "The Brotherhood". In 1969 he founded country band called "Narodni ansambl Radio Podravine" - "The People's Orchestra of Radio Podravina", and recorded his first single. In 1971 he recorded TV show (about personify customs and traditional country music in Koprivnica with reference to Podravina). In 1975 he played and organized program for traditional association "Koprivnicki Ivanec" to "International Folklore Review" in Zagreb. In 1983 he published his first music book - "Moja Podravina" - "My Podravina". In 1985 he retired. In 1997 he got the traditional award for life collected works by the city of Koprivnica. Photo - Vukic Ivan (photo: 1946)

We were also exceptionally proud to our pop and rock music tradition whose beginnings has its roots in the middle of 1950's, when our fathers listened to "Radio Luxembourg" and started to play famous pop and rock and roll music on the hand made instruments.

Gregl Željko was born in 1927 in Dinjevac (small village near Kloštar Podravski and Koprivnica). His father was multinstrumentalist and when he was four years old he started to learn him traditional string music instruments from Podravina and also violin, drums, guitar, acoustic bass and piano. In 1953 he finished music school in Zagreb. Since 1959 he lived and worked in Koprivnica. From early 1960's he played violin with "Kanarini" - "The Kanarins". He founded and ran (also conducted and teached) many popular singers and different choirs in Koprivnica. He retired in 1985.

Gregl Željko

Gregl Željko
Jagarinec Stjepan (born 1932 in Osonjak - small village near Varaždin). When he was twelve he started to learn guitar and violin and traditional country music. In 1955 he came to live in Koprivnica and played with Kolacko Ivo (guitar), Jurenec Josip (violin), Dlest Drago (acoustic bass) and Bracko Mijo (bugarija - four string traditional instrument). They were called "Veseli Zagorci" - "The Happy Zagorci". In 1960's he started to learn harmonica and played with Vukic Ivan ("The Brotherhood" and "The People's Orchestra of Radio Podravina") and after that with Katincic Kruno (VIS "Podravka Jazz") and VIS "Ton" / "The Sound" (1978-1985). He also played with VIS "Plavi" - VIS "Blue's " and "Kap na kap" - "Drop by Drop". With his son Krunoslav (organs and bass) in 1985 (to 1992) he formed pop cover band "Žar" - "Glow". At the end of 1990's he played traditional country music from Podravina with Smiljanic Nikola (trumpet, bisernica - traditional country four string music instrument from Podravina), Tot Milan (bisernica), Mraz Stjepan (guitar) and Forgac Slavko (violin, bugarija - also traditional country string instrument from Podravina). Photo - The Happy Zagorci
Jurjevic Zlatko (born 1935 and died 1998 in Koprivnica). One of the most popular and gifted trumpet player in fifties and early sixties. He was played with many of musicians in Koprivnica. Photo - Jurjevic Zlatko (1955)
Trumbetaš Krešimir - Boc (born 1936. in Koprivnica) sax and clarinet player (1965. graduated at "Music Academy" in Zagreb) who professionally started to play pop music in famous "Orkestar Zlatka Cernjula" ("Zlatko Cernjul Orchestra"), in Zagreb at the end of fifties. In that time it was the most famous pop orchestra in Croatia! They played for Radio Zagreb and TV station. Krešimir was graduated 1960 at "PMF" college (professor of geography) and 1965. at "Music Academy" (clarinet) in Zagreb. Krešimir was also well known like a naive art sculptor and painter. Photo - Trumbetaš Krešimir & Band (1955)
Stanišic Ivan - Hans born 1936 in Ðurdevac near Koprivnica. Started to learn guitar in early fifties in "Patriots Hall". Played with; Lucu Edo (piano), Šestak Zlatko - Žac (harmonica - born 1942. in Koprivnica), Bešenic Stanko (Hawaiian guitar), Pika Stanko (drums), Šimota Zvonko (trumpet) and Ivancic Rudi (sax). Photo - Stanišic Ivan & Edo Lucu (1955)
Pika Stanko (drummer / born 1937 in Koprivnica) influenced by Jimmy Kruppa. Started to play popular music in the middle of fifties with Bešenic Stanko (violin, Hawaiian guitar), Šifkorn Tihomir (harmonica), Šimunovic Vladimir Maks (trumpet, saxophone, clarinet) in "Patriots Hall" where also played popular "dance evenings" with Stanišic Ivan Hans (guitar), Lucu Cedo (piano), Jurjevic Zlatko (trumpet / 1935-1998) and Trumbetaš Krešimir - Boc (clarinet, saxophone) and many of popular cover pop bands in Koprivnica until 1983. Photo - Pika Stanko & Band (1955)
Katincic Kruno (1939-2003) started to play (guitar) cover pop music with Harabajza Andelko (harmonica), in the middle of fifties. Formed VIS "Podravka Jazz" (1965-1970) with Škofic Stjepan (acoustic bass), Filipic Ivan - Fifi (drums), Knapic Dragec (guitar) and Jagarinec Stjepan (harmonica). Since 1970 until 1972 Kruno played guitar in cover pop band VIS "Rasinja" and after that in VIS "Meteori" / "The Meteors" and "VIS Ton" / "The Sound" until eighties. Photo - Katincic Kruno (1953)
Kovac Ivo Kaj born 1941 in Podravska Selnica. In the middle of fifties started to play trumpet and also learned guitar and harmonica. From 1965 he played with Katincic Kruno (VIS "Podravka Jazz") and the late of sixties playd with Vukic Ivan ("The Brotherhood"). 1969. goes to work in Deutscland until 1977. From 1979 to early eighties played with pop cover band "Pa-pi". 1984 formed "Los Beskintos" (until 1989) with Ðordevic Boro / Bunic Tomo (drums), Horvat Darko / Dominis Pavao (organs and sinty) and Pumper Marijan (harmonica). From 1990 start to play like One Man Band. At late nineties published his first casset - "Kaj za kraj" / "Kaj Until The End". Photo - Kovac Ivo (1962)
Keršun Zlatko - Pele (1944-2000) firstly he started to sing in music school performances. On the left of 1959.sang with Šimunovic Milan Braco (harmonica) in "Patriots Hall". In early sixties started to learn and play guitar (influence by "The Shadows" and Duane Eddy). Many years he was well known record retailer in record-book shop "Narodne novine" in centre of Koprivnica. On 1973 with Srcek Ivan (bass) founded cover pop band "Orfej" / "Orphey". With "Orphey" also played; Šafar Zlatko (drums), Liplin Ivan (sinty / harmonica), Ðurda Franc (trumpet), Svržnjak Valent (bass / clarinet). Zlatko played until 1984. He was one of the first and the biggest record collectors in Koprivnica.

Keršun Zlatko (1959)

Keršun Zlatko (mid. of '60)
Ogrinec Zdravko - Cico (born 1944. in Koprivnica) started to play acoustic bass in the middle of fifties. About 1958, he played with Seretin Ivica - Piki (guitar), Nemec Darko (harmonica and Jakuš Rudolf (guitar). On 1959, Ogrinec Zdravko played with "5 mladih" / "The 5 youngs" - Šifkorn Tihomir (piano), Šimunovic Milan Braco (trumpet), Pika Stanko (drums), Šestak Zlatko (harmonica / born 1942 in Koprivnica). Photo - Ogrinec Z. (late '50)
Ferencak Ivan - Pinda was born 1944. in Koprivnica - in the begining played guitar but in early sixties start to play drums in many of popular cover bands from "B. Šimunovic Orchestra" to "The Five Youngers", "A5" until VIS "Podravka" / VIS "Panonia" and "Qvartet Panonia", in early eighties. Photo - Ferencak Ivan (early '60)
Dujmovic Zdravko - Zdravek (born in Sarajevo 1945, died in Koprivnica 1997) grow up in Bjelovar were he learned trumpet and guitar. Lived in Koprivnica from 1968. He was member of many popular cover pop bands in Koprivnica from early seventies; "Ab Ovo", "Peace Band", "Drop On Drop", "Orphey" and "The Dream". With Liplin Ivan (keyboards, vocal) formed in nineties duo "Šik" / "The Shick".

Dujmovic Z. (late '50)

Dujmovic Zdravko & The Shic (1986)
Šimunovic Milan - Braco (1945-1966) multiinstrumentalist who founded and led the most popular cover bands in late fifties and early sixties ("Bolero" and "Orkestar B. Šimunovica" / "B. Šimunovic Orchestra" and also "B. Šimunovic Quintet"). Photo - Šimunovic Milan (early '60)
Martincevic Ivica - Tinca (born 1947 in Koprivnica) started to sing 1960 with "Milan Simunovic Orchestra". He had successful performance on big and famous ex YU "Subotica Song Festival" 1967 and "Zagreb Pop Festival" 1971. He published few single and professionally played (bass) cover pop music with "ZG Show Band" all around ex YU. 1973 finished "Music school" in Zagreb. Few years during seventies played bass / sang in popular cover band VIS "Panonia" in Koprivnica. Today he is principal of "Music school" in Koprivnica.

Martinčević Ivica (1971)

Martinčević Ivica (1971)
Korošec Željko alias Denni Dey (born 1947 in Koprivnica) dreamed about film stars and first started to painting (naive art). Since 1968. (lead vocal) with VIS "Aurore" / "The Aurora's", from Novigrad Podravski. 1969. goes to Deutschland and wins a price on many competitions and recorded single "Ich Gebe Eine Aus". In Deutschland played and collaborated with many of popular singers and musicians (Hanns George Schindler, Peter Shaper, Hannes Wader and Rajter Dunja). On 1988 he was back to Koprivnica like acknowledged naive painter and chanson singer. He was rare specific sensitive authentic bohemian. Everybody knew his provocative song "Pants Down" which he recorded. Photo - Korošec Željko (1984)
Vujasinovic Zdenko (born 1949 in Križevci). Since 1966 until 1971 lived in Varaždin. Played in Koprivnica since early seventies. Firstly with "Albatros" / "Albatross" - Biluš Vinko (drums), Belcic Zlatko (guitar), Hrelja Drago (clarinet and drums) and Radikovic Vlado (saxophone) and then he was with "Drop On Drop". After that he formed "Quartet May" and played with Grobenski Željko (bass), Lalic Željko (drums), Pehnec Ivan (trumpet) and Samošcanec Zlatko (guitar). 1976 he finished "Music academy" in Zagreb. In eighties he performed with his wife Božica and also he was one of the first in Koprivnica whom started to played like "One Man Band". Photo - Vujasinovic Zdenko (late '80)
"Trio Š" played popular music in the middle of fifties; Nemec Darko (harmonica / born 1942 and died 1983, also in Koprivnica ) Slukic Josip (guitar / born 1943 in Koprivnica - his sons, Srecko / born 1967 and Marijan / born 1969, founded first metal band in eighties) and Glavak Josip (drums / born 1939 - his sons Renato / born 1965 and Igor / born 1975 are today a half professional well-known drummers in popular cover bands).
Photo - Trio Š (1956)
1960 - 1970
Members of the first known "no name" rock and roll cover bands were: Seretin Ivica - Piki (bass guitar / born 1944 in Koprivnica - later he was member of many successful cover pop bands; "Faraoni" / "The Pharaons", "Kap na kap" / "Drop on drop", "Oko" / "The Eye", and early nineties started to play tamburica with traditional country band "Dr. Jelic i pajdaši " / "Dr. Jelic And Badies" - Premec Davor - Diksi (clarinet, saxophone, guitar / born 1948 in Koprivnica, 1975 graduated saxophone at jazz and classic "Music academy" / "Hoch Schulle Fur Musik" Graz, Austria) - today he is very active professional jazz musician and music teacher, conductors and one of the founder (with Krešimir Trumbetaš - Boc) and probably most important member of "Big Band Koprivnica", Kesteli Zlatko - Pajo (trumpet / born 1949 in Koprivnica, graduated trumpet at classical "Music school" in Varaždin, after that continue school in Zagreb (finished 1972.). In late sixties and early seventies played with cover band "Generacija" / "The Generation". Played songs from musicial "Hair" in ex YU, Germany and Austria and also played with Špišic Zvonko (popular Croatian schlager singer). From 1970 until 1972 played with popular pop-rock band "Novi roboti" / "The New Robots" (with famous rock an roll singer Studeni Toni and guitarists Balen Ranko - ex rock band "Group 220"). With VIS "Panonia" in Koprivnica played in 1973. From 1989 until 1991 lived in Tasmania and worked as professional musician. After that played in Zagreb with "Jazz Ina Quartet". From 1996 he was member of "Varaždin Jazz Band" and from 2001. worked as music teacher in "Music school" Koprivnica), brothers Franjkovic Ivo - Ðek (guitar, harmonica, drums / born 1948 - later professionally played pop music in many cover bands and graduated at classic "Music school" in Varaždin) and his brother Branko - Frenki (drums / born 1950.)

Premec, Kesteli, Seretin, Franjkovic (1963-4)

Premec, Kesteli, Seretin, Franjkovic (1963)

"Šelos" (1960-1963) played in early sixties schlagers, evergreens and traditional country music from Podravina; Španicek Stanko (harmonica / born 1931), Erdec Stjepan (trumpet), Lešcak Josip (drums), Orehovec Tomo (guitar) and Svržnjak Valent (bass).

Early in sixties started to played rock and roll band "Rakete" / "The Rockets" - Cvetko Radoslav - Dado (guitar and harp player / born 1946 in Zagreb - lives in small village Gola near Koprivnica until 1952 - the biggest live rock music legend in Koprivnica ), Ivica Seretin - Piki (guitar / bass), Zlatko Keršun - Pele (guitar) and Damir Jandrašec (drums). Our serious and official rock history started 1963 when "Abecesi" - one of the first true and exceptionally rock and roll band from Koprivnica - had concert in front of a big local audience. This time they were played The Shadows, Duane Eddy and Elvis Presley covers and (for the first time in public) own rock and roll song "Karavela". Band founded and ran Cvetko Radoslav - Dado.

Cvetko Radoslav (early '70)

Cvetko Radoslav (mid. '70)

Abecesi (1963)
About 1963/64. started to play rock and roll cover band VIS "Skitnice" / "The Drifters" (The Shadows influenced band). Later (about the end of sixties) they called themselves "Sjene" / "The Shadows" - Srcek Ivan - bass / born 1948 in Koprivnica, Kraljic Zlatko and Antolic Mladen - guitars and Podnar Ivica - drums) and VIS "Koprivnicanci", later - 1966, they gave performances for popular Radio Zagreb show "Michrophone Is Yours", recorded in Koprivnica and changed name and they were called "Signali" / "The Signals", influence by The Kinks and The Beatles - Tomac Mirko (bass, drums), brothers Štefanic, Mladen and Bero - guitar / drums, Sinjerec Mladen - guitar, Švarc Davor - vocal / drums - later played and Ciglar Štef (bass), Orec Toni (vocal, drums), Došen Zvonko (drums).

The Shadows (late '60)

The Signals (late '60)
Close to middle of sixties in Opatija (one of the most beautifull town on Adriatic shore) played "Braco Šimunovic Orchestra" - Ogrinec Zdravko - Cico (acoustic bass), Šimunovic Milan - Braco (piano), Paro Duško (saxophone), Ferencak Ivan - Pinda (drums), Mijic Vlado - Zec (guitar) and Martincevic Ivica - Tinca (lead vocal). Photo - Braco Šimunovic Orch. (1965)
In the middle of sixties started to play very important traditional country band from Podravina named "The Demotic Orchestra Radio Podravina"; Vukic Ivica (klarinet and others instruments), Žerjavic Luka (in that time director of "Novigrad Podravski " radio station and also big fan of traditional country music from Podravina), Korenic Josip (violin), Pocepan Ivo (bugarija - string traditional country instrument from Podravina), Budanec Mato (ac. bass), Mužina Željko (harmonica), Jagarinec Stjepan (violin, harmonica), Kundija Nevenka (lead vocal) and Redžep (cimbule - trad. string instrument used in Podravina and Hungary / Redžep is a gipsy and nobodys known his real name).
Photo - The Demotic Orc. Radio Podravina (late '60)
About middle of sixties on the Adriatic sea island Mali Lošinj played "A5"; Mijic Vlado - Zec (guitar), Horvat Drago - Carli (piano), Ferencak Ivan - Pinda (drums), Minigo Jelenko - Faust (saxophone), Martincevic Ivica - Tinca (bass) and Kraljić Ira (lead vocal - later she was singer in famous pop Croatian bands "Uragans" and "777 " from Rijeka). (mid. '70)
In the middle of sixties Stanišic Ivan - Hans (guitar) founded "VIS Podravka" (1964/5 -1970) one of most popular cover band in Koprivnica. ("VIS" means "vocal and instrumental band"): Premec Davor - Dixie (sax), Sinjerec Mladen (guitar), Šafar Toni (bass), Orec Toni (drums) and Dominis Pavao (organ). Photo - VIS "Podravka" (late '60)
"A Tribute To Šimunovic Milan Braco koncert" at "Patriots Hall" in Koprivnica 1967; played ex members "B. Šimunovic Orchestra" with guests singers Ira Kraljić, Ana Štefok and Špišic Zvonko. Photo - A Tribut To Šimunovic M.Braco (1967)
1970 -1980
Early seventies also formed and divergenced many popular cover pop band; "Ab Ovo", "Peace Band", "The Blondies" and until "Drop On Drop" (1973-1976 / they were most successful and they published a few singles and mass medias denominated - "Roosters From Koprivnica"). In all these bands played and mixed almost the same musicians - Pintaric Ivan and Bodinovac Duško (bass), Betti Franjo and Lekcevic Ivan Leki (drums), Flamaceta Ivica, Hrašcanec Vinko and Vujasinovic Zdenko (keyboards), Seretin Ivica Piki, Antolic Mladen Dendi and Odobašic Stjepan (guitar and bass) and Dujmovic Zdravko Zdravek (trumpet, guitar). Photo - "Drop On Drop" (single) (1973)

Early seventies Stanišic Ivan - Hans and his band VIS "Podravka" changed a name in VIS "Panonia" and they published their first single, 1974. After that, they again changed their name in "Quartet Panonia" - Mlakar Braco (lead vocal), Švedek Tomislav and Ferencak Ivan Pinda (drums), Cesi Vjekoslav Ceska and Martincevic Ivica Tinca (bass), Papp Antal (saxophone, clarinet), Hanžek Ivan and Hrašcanec Vinko (keyboards) and Stanišic Ivan Hans (guitar, vocal). They played all around ex YU with the most popular pop singers like: Robić Ivo, Stanić Ðimi, Kovačiček Zdenka, Barlović Ðurdica, Slabinac Krunoslav Kićo, Vukov Vice, Ivčić Tomislav, Kljaković Toni, Domjan Darko, Quartet 4M, Percan Lidija, Korbar Višnja, Leskovar Toni, Dragojević Oliver...

Early seventies Salajec Ivan - Penzlin (drums, vocal) formed cover pop band "Horizont" / "The Horizon" with Kovac Zlatko (keyboards) and Markovic Zdravko; bass / born 1953 in a small village Kuzminec near Koprivnica. Before "The Horizon" he played in cover pop band "Forte" with Hrašcanec Vinko (keyboards), Dujmovic Zdravko Zdravek (trumpet), Mikor Milivoj and Perkovic Vlado (guitar), later like "Ab Ovo" with Zadravec Damir (drums) and Odobašic Stjepan Dado (guitar) and with "Atomi" / "The Atoms", "The Dream" and "Kontrast" / "The Contrast" also. Both of last two bands were from Ludbreg. Ivkovic Dražen was also member of "The Horizon"; guitar / born 1958. in Koprivnica, after that he played with cover pop bands "For" (1976-1981) and "100%" (1983-1988).

1971, in "Patriots Hall" basement was opened disco club "Naivni" / "The Naives". The godfather was well known naives art painter Generalic Ivan. First DJ were; Cicin - Mašansker Ivan, Pavelic Miro, Posavec Tona, Kanižaj Zlatko, Kušenic Jovo and Jajetic Krunoslav - Vaso. He was born 1954 in Koprivnica. He was one of the first rock promotor in Koprivnica. He organized concerts of many popular ex YU rock bands; "Buldožer", "Parni valjak" , "Azra", "Animatori", "Plava trava zaborava" and many others. He was editor in chief (with Jakupec Mladen) of one of the most popular and legendary young's local newspaper - "LOK" and also he was musical editor (with Ivancan Davor) of one of the first radio rock shows in Koprivnica -"Vruca juha" / "Hot Soup". In eighties (with Jakupec Mladen), he was fig originator of the biggest and very popular local music and culture project for young people named "IZLOK". He was also meritorious (with Ivancan Davor and Jakupec Mladen) for one of the most important music project in Koprivnica in eighties - "KC rock 82" (recorded and published as compilation rock demo bands from Koprivnica). Late eighties, with Jerbic Željko and Željka - he founded "Blind Dog Records" - one of the very rare independent record companies in ex YU in that time. He was also one of the biggest record collectors in Koprivnica. Today he is well known as books and records publisher. Photo - Jajetic Kruno (1979)
February 25th, 1962 in "Patriots Hall" played small dixieland orchestra; Kokot Mirko (pisano), Ogrinec Zdravko (ac.bass), Kucinic Zvonko (saxophones), Šimunovic Milan Braco (trumpet), Petric Josip (trombone) and Ferencak Ivan Pinda (drums). Photo - Dixiland Band (1962)
New Year 1964 party in "Dom željeznicara "/ "The Railway Man's Home" in Koprivnica played Glavak Josip (drums), Husnjak Josip (ac. bass), brothers Erdec Franjo (guitar) and Stjepan (trumpet), Hanžek Ivo (harmonica), Orehovec Tomo (vocal). Photo - New Year Party Band
Popular and successful were cover pop band "Cmok" / "Kiss" (1978-1989) founded by Odobašic Stjepan Dado ex "Ab Ovo" (bass, vocal) and Pocedulic Ninoslav (piano, keyboards), Rauš Ivan (guitar), Pecevski Marijan (drums). Also played; Horvat Krunoslav (guitar) and Glavak renato (drums). Published one LP, two singles and three CDs and played in "Krapina Festival". Photo - Kiss (early '80)
In seventies, outlaw guitarist and composer Ninkovic Josip - Brac (born 1955 in Koprivnica) founded first hard rock band, "Nervni slom" / "Nervous Breakdown" in Koprivnica (influenced by "Deep Purple", "Rainbow", "Bad Company"). This band was very important in eighties given that many of perspective young musicians from Koprivnica played in that band and some of them later formed own rock bands and created and built own music styles. For example; Vdovic Davor - Dado (born 1955 in Koprivnica) today is successful and well-known professional session drum player. Horvat Krunoslav (born 1961 in Koprivnica) is one of the best authentic rock and urban blues vocalist and guitar player - 1982 founded "Supersessions". Tkalcec Mladen - Mec (born 1962 in Koprivnica) keyboard player (later played in many of cover pop bands from Koprivnica). Buhanec Ferdinand - Buha (born 1964 in Koprivnica) - today is active and successful jazz bass guitarist and composer who founded "Ferdinand Band" (1981-1983) and after that many of rock, pop and jazz bands. Budna Darko - Buc (born 1964 in Koprivnica) rock blues vocal vocalist, guitar player and composer in the middle of eighties founded "Epitaf" / "Epitaph". Photo - Ninkovic Josip (early '80)

Nervous Brakedown (1979?)

Nervous Brakedown (1982)
In the late of seventies, Jakupec Mladen (1957-1986) acoustic guitarist, composer, poet, journalist, graphic designer and photographer, founded first acoustic protest rock band "Prozor" / "The Window".

Jakupec Mladen (1979)

Jakupec M. & The Window (1982)

In 1979. Korošec Željko alias Denni Day recorded a single in Germany and win on "Internationale talentschmiede festival" / "International Musictalent Festival".

1980 - 1990
In 1980. started to work the first music pop festival in Koprivnica for young musicians and singers called "Prvi glas Koprivnice" / "First voice of Koprivnica", founded by Mladen Pavkovic (journalist) and Damir Justament (amateur pop singer / born 1959 in Koprivnica). Today all Croatian nations also well-known our famous pop singer Ivana Ranilovic –Vrdoljak alias Vanna (born 1970 in Koprivnica / grown up, lived and finished school in Koprivnica - since 1989. lived in Zagreb, 1990. started to sing with dance band "ET" - they were very famous with song "Molitva za mir" / "Request For Peace", 1997. started successful solo career and got few "Porin" / Croatian music awards for best singers of the year) and Vlatka Pokos (also well-known as a model and hostes / born 1970 in Salzburg - Austria, lived with her grandmothers in Sokolovac / small village near Koprivnica - finished school in Koprivnica - since 1985 live in Zagreb and works in boutique, since 1989. until 1994. she was lead vocal in old popular Croatian pop band "Srebrna krila" / "Silver Wings", since 1994. started solo career and worked on many TV shows) - they both had first gigs on "First voice of Koprivnica".

Justament Damir (1985)

Vanna - Justament - Vlatka Pokos (1987)
"Crni leptiri" / "Black Butterflies" (1980-1983) - rock band founded by Dam Mladen (vocal, guitar, composer) with Homar Nenad (bass) and Drobac Dražen (drums). Photo - Black Butterflies (early '80)
Same year a few young blues country music fan founded first authentic blues band in Koprivnica called "B. Pokus" (influenced by E. James, M. Morganfield, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman B. Band and The Band). These guys brought in Koprivnica flower-power and space-cowboys style. One member of that band, Vuckovic Miodrag - Miki (born 1962 in Koprivnica) was also well-known as good and rare pedal steel and slide / bottleneck fingerpicking bluegrass guitar player. Photo - B. Pokus (early '80)
Band supported eccentric music guru named Puž Ivan - Fico (born 1955 in Klenovnik, lived and grew up in Koprivnicki Bregi / small village near Koprivnica) who was also well-known as good guitar / drum player and the first guitar maker / repairer and cowboys boots hand maker from Koprivnica.

Puž Ivan (late '70)

Puž Ivan (early '80)
In 1981 founded and started to play - one and only - "Mariška Band". Band led old violin player and multinstrumentalist - granny Mariška (born 1904 in Hungary, lived and died in Koprivnica 1993). Photo - Mariška Band (1982)
Same year started to work the most interesting show rock band from Koprivnica - "Korisne životinje" / "Useful Animals". Band was led by composer, bass guitarist, poet and singer - Zoran Car - Carek (born 1962 in Koprivnica) also well-known as mad innovations alternative music solo performer until the end of eighties (when he tried suicide). Many of us still remember his interesting and popular solo performance called "Koncert za citru i litru" / "Concert for citra and liter" (citra is a simple local ethnic instrument and "litra" means a bottle of wine).

Useful Animals (1981)

Car Zoran & Marko Brecelj (ex Buldožer) (1982)
"Jutarnja zvijezda" / "Morning star" (1981-1985) rock band - founder Kovac Dražen (guitar), Jankovic Vedran (bass), Unger Robert (drums) and Janjic Nenad (vocal). Also played Vukelic Edo (guitar), Mlinaric Željko / Dupanovic Goran (bass). Photo - Morning Star (1982)
"Vinski slapovi" / "Wine Waterfalls" (1982/3 - 1985) acoustic pop rock band founded Kikovski Ivan - Kiki (acoustic guitar, vocal, composer) and Todorovski Zvonko - Tedy (acoustic guitar, vocal). Later, Todorovski Z. Tedi with Kikovski I. Kiki played Delimar Krešo - Krst (electric / acoustic guitar, vocal and arranger), Cvetko Radoslav - Dado (bass, tarabuka, vocal) and Bunic Vlado - Bani (percussions). Photo - Wine Waterfalls (1983)
"Fakini" / "The Rascals" (1983-1985) was popular local teenager new wave band: founder Milivoj Štefanec - Štef (guitar, vocal and composer), Vugrinec Darko - Vugy (lead guitar / born 1965. in Koprivnica), Valent Damir - Damo (bass, vocal) and Glavak Renato - Rentch (drums, vocal), also play Hrašcanec Marin - Hrast (born 1966 in Koprivnica - guitarist, composer, vocalist and the best jazz piano player in Koprivnica), Kovac Dražen (guitar), Bardek Damir (keyboards / born 1965. in Hlebine near Koprivnica-today he is well -known professional keyboard player) and Golcic Mario (vocal).

The Rascals (1983)

The Rascals (1983)
In 1982 demo rock bands from Koprivnica published rare non profit music projects called "KC Rock '82". These projects were realized by music enthusiast Mladen Jakupec and Jajetic Krunoslav - Vaso (born 1954 in Koprivnica - also well-known as respectfully records collectors and ex-DJ and today he is a very important independent rare music books publisher) with a little help from Bardek Davorin (born 1956 in Koprivnica / bass guitarist in many of pop cover bands - today is well-known as the first P. A. provider in Koprivnica) and Hrašcanec Marin–Hrast. Photo - "KC Rock '82" (cassette cover) (1982)
Same year started to play evergreen - jazz band "Koprivnicki komorni kvartet" - Buhanec Ferdinand - Buha (bass, vocal), Hrašcanec Marin - Hrast (piano, vocal) and Ivancan Darko (drums) - today they play under the name "Fast Food". Photo - KKK (1982)

In 1983 brothers Slukic Srecko - Srec (guitar, vocal, composer) and Marijan - Maki (bass, vocal) and his cousin Božidar (drums) founded first trash death metal band in Koprivnica - "Exploder" (worked until 1999. and after that a several times changed the name - "Disease", "Warwaltz", "Ice On Fire", "Scarface").

Exploder (1982)

Warwaltz (early '90)
Early eighties, in small village Koprivnicki Bregi near Koprivnica, started to work the first professional music recording studio founded by sound engineer, programmer, multinstrumentalist, composer and big enthusiast Dolenec Vlado (1955-2001). He gradated special music school for church organ in Graz / Austria and also well-known as the first successful chanson player, singer, composer from Koprivnica. Before he died, he got a special "Chanson Awards" in Niza / France. Photo - Dolenec Vlado (early '80)

Late eighties Grobenski Mario (born 1967. in Koprivnica) made his firsts promotive rock photos and covers for "The Bugs", "Overflow" (today these guys are very famous all around the music world like a good explosive post punk melodic hard core band), "Don't" (founded 1991.), "Runnin' Party", "Braindrops", "Emetic" and "Angry Cows" and many of demo rock bands in Koprivnica.

"Epitaf" / "Epitaph" (1985 - 1989) jazzy blues rock band (influenced by "Sade" and old jazz rock blues bands like "Frumpy" and "Colloseum") founded married couple Budna Leposava - Keka (vocal, keyboards, composer / born 1963 in Bjelovar) and Darko - Buc (guitar, vocal, composer / born 1964. in Koprivnica), Sinjeri Ivica - Ico (bass / born 1964. in Koprivnica) and musicians from Bjelovar; Bebek Zlatko - Beba (guitar - ex "Limeni bubanj" / "Tin Drum" popular rock band from Bjelovar - today is lead guitarist in one of the most famous Croatian pop rock band "Prljavo kazalište" / "Dirty Theater" from Zagreb), music prof. Suboticanec Zlatko (keyboards, saxophone, clarinet) and Rajkovic Mario (drums - ex "Puni mjesec" / "Full Moon" legendary old hard rock band from Bjelovar ). Other support members from Koprivnica were; Glavak Renato - Renci, Sedlanic Krešo - Kec and Halavuk Zvonko - Šojka, (drums), Laljek Zvonko - Lalko (guitar), Tkalcec Mladen - Mec, Klaucek Tihomir (keyboard), Vuckovic Miodrag - Miki (pedal steel, slide).

Epitaph (1986)

Epitaph (1988)

"Pink Panter" / "Pink Panther" (1987/8-1990) - teenage pop rock cover (The Beatles, Dire Straits, Elvis Presley) band - Maljak Hrvoje, Beric Dejan (keyboards), Kneževic Robin (bass - today very successful professional bass player), Ledinski Zlatko, Ovnic Kristijan (drums), Uglješic Ledo (vocal, guitar), Kostanjevac Goran (guitar). "Bloody Mary" (1987-1990/1) started to play experimental alter rock (influenced by Laibach and Bauhaus) and later they played hard rock covers (influenced by The Cult, Jon Bon Jovi) - Klincic Vedran - Bono (vocal, composer), Glavica Mladen - Loba (guitar), Grobenski Tihomir - Tiki (bass, vocal), Blažekovic Hrvoje (lead guitar) and Ledinski Zlatko - Ledo (drums).

Same year Napan Igor (guitar, vocal), Grubacevic Dalibor - Edi (born 1975 in Koprivnica - bass, guitarist, composer and sound engineer 1999 founded small private house recording virtual studio "Lord Song Studio"), Koluder Ivica (guitar, vocal) and Kneževic Karlo (drums), founded successful The Beatles cover band called - "The Bugs".

The Bugs (early '90)

The Bugs (early '90)
1990 –2000
"Overflow" the most well-known post punk hard core rock band from Koprivnica. Founded 1990 by brothers Živkovic Goran (vocal) and Branimir (guitar), Mulvaj Konrad (bass) and Martincevic Dalibor (drums). Firstly published demo cassette "Through Department Store". 1991 played with "Mega City Four" (GB), "Urge Overkil" (USA) and "Les Thugs" (F). After that independent records company "Black And Noir" (F) published single "Naked".1992 published LP "Dorothy" / independent "T.R.I.P.". 1997 published CD "Extremely Perverted Fantasies Of The Mad Milkman's Disordered Mind" ("Anubis Records" Croatia).

Overflow (early '90)

Overflow (early '90)

"Analna psorijaza" / "Anal Psoriasis" (1991-1992) rock band (influenced by Satan Panonski - punk legend from Slavonia / Croatia); Kostadinovic Dejan (bass) and Ðurdina Damir (drums) after breaking up they activated band Running Party.

"Jahaci rumene kadulje" / "Red Sage Riders" founded 1992 (and worked with interruptions) like a satiric rock band; Bojanovic Vlado (guitar, vocal, composer and leader - today he is running Hard Rock Caffe in Koprivnica and composer of hymns of footballs clubs Slaven Belupo and Koprivnica), Šitum Tomislav (guitar, vocal), brothers Car Marko (drums) and Željko (vocal), Mostarcic Marin (bass) and supp. Evacic Miroslav (guitar, bass), Cvetko Radoslav Dado (ac. guitar, harp and percussion) and Vudrag Ninoslav (harp). Photo - Red Sage Riders

"Bludnice" / "The Whores" (1995-1999) punk-black-metal rock band; Vedran Krulic - Krula (guitar), Mario Sever (drums), Antal Papp - Toncek (bass) and later band members were: Tomislav Kušenic (drums), Iva Šcetinec (vocal) and Krulic Alen (poet). Photo - The Whores (late '90)

"Braindrops" (1995 - 1997) alternative rock cover band: Rajh Darko (bass), Ivkovic Vladan (guitar), Biluš Hrvoje (drums, vocal) and Maletic Nenad - Libijac (vocal, guitar).

"Emetic" (1995-2000) post punk melodic rock band; Posedi Matija (guitar), Fluksi Mario (drums), Herceg Vedran (bass / vocal) and Pakasin Tomislav (guitar). Photo - Emetic (late '90)

"Ganja" (1995-1999) death metal band; Macukat Valent - Ganja (guitar, vocal and composer), Martinkovic Igor (guitar), Kukec Kristijan (bass) and Vidakovic Igor (drums). Photo - Ganja (late '90)
"Abyss" (1997-2000) rock band (influenced by The Beatles, Nirvana, Sonic Youth) - Maletic Nenad - Libijac (guitar, vocal, composer), Arko Boris (guitar, vocal), Ivkovic Vladan and later Orešnik Romana (bass), Kneževic Karlo and more later Kušenic Tomislav (drums), support; Evacic Miroslav - Eva (guitar). Photo - Abyss (late '90)

Jazz Club Koprivnica start to work 1997. (officiary since 2000.) and the most important members were; Novak Vladimir and Lidija, Buhanec Ferdinand and Dražen, Hrašcanec Marin, Pankaric Josip, Jankovic Vedran, Harambaša Miroslav, Vondracek Ranko, Šandl Ariana, Gazdic-Buhanec Gordana, Ivancan Davor and Darko, Bubalo Josip, Klaucek Tihomir, Kovac Dražen, Milankovic Goran, Imbriovcan Zlatko and Dedic Damir. Until today - they organized many of jazz concerts in Koprivnica.

"Angry Cows" - rock band formed 1997. (influenced by Overflow); Kos Dalibor (guitar; vocal), Vlahovic Robert (guitar), Tehterle Dalibor (bass) and Pošta Daniel (drums). Photo - Angry Cows (1997)

Few years in the middle of ninety, young musician Daniel Pošta (drummer) and his friend Siniša Igrec ran the first serious alternative rock metal festival - "Drnjington" (1995-1998).

In 1998 young guitar player Evačić Miroslav - Eva (born 1973. in Koprivnica - today probably the most interesting guitarist from Koprivnica) founded ethno rock blues band "Ščukin berek". This year he got "Porin" (Croatian music awards) for his last albums "Blues reke Drave" / "River Drava Blues".

Evačić Miroslav & Ščukin berek (2001)

Evačić Miroslav & Ščukin berek (2001)

"Pussylovers" (founded 1998. and worked with interruptions - influenced by rockabilly hard core pop rock) - Napan Igor (guitar, vocal, saxophone), Marjanovic Damir (drums), Krulic Vedran (guitar, vocal) and supports Hrašcanec Dinko (guitar) and Kolaric Neven (bass).

"Bigwigs" pop rock band founded 2000. ex members of "The Bugs" and "Abyss" - Koluder Ivica (guitar, vocal), Napan Igor (vocal, guitar, saxophone), Kolaric Neven (bass, vocal), Kneževic Karlo (drums).

"Bag Of Assholes" (2000-2001) death metal band - Macukat Valent - Ganja (guitar), Martinkovic Igor (guitar), Vidakovic Igor (drums), Mjeda Luigi (bass) and Praštalo Tomislav (vocal). Photo - Bag Of Assholes (2000)

"Katarza" (since 2000.) cover rock band - Mulvaj Robert (drums), Rakuša Goran (guitar), Ciganovic Dražen (guitar), Hrenic Tomislav (bass) and later Fabijanovic Goran (vocal), Štefanic Krešo (guitar).

"Retrobunker" (since 2002.) cover band - Patrcevic Marko (guitar), Pavlic Zoran (guitar), Kozjak Viktor (bass), and since 2003.; Vrhovski Ivan (vocal) and Kodric Nenad (drums).

Very successful and popular were "El Combo" (2002.) founded and lead by Lipuš Ivan Precednik (clarinet player from Goricko / small village near Koprivnica). They played traditional Mexican (mariachi) music. Published three CD.

"Hailstone" (since 2004) grunge punk band - since 2005 played like "Suho Grlo Nos" / "Dry Throat Nose"; Kuhar Marko (drums), Šubic Vedran (bass), Zamljacanec Matija (guitar) i Cokonaj Domagoj (guitar). Photo - Dry Throat Nose (2007)

Today our best and most perspective young rock metal band is "Flamethrower" (just recorded first demo CD "The Birth Of Flame") - Ivkovic Tomislav (guitar), Ðuricic Dejan (drums), Ferenc Tomislav (guitar, vocals) and Buhanec Gregor (bas, vocals) and also "The Flip" (new rock band founded 2004 - Klaucek Filip / drums, Hrašcanec Lucija / guitar, saxophone, piano, lead vocal, band leader, Grobenski Ivan / bass, Habek Branimir / guitar).

Flamethromer (2007)

The Flip (2007)

Well, afterwards, all of these is only a small part of our popular and rock music history and - if I forgot something or somebody - please, forgive me and keep on rockin'

Foto: Vladimir Horvat Horvi, Zagreb, Hrvatska

Text & foto by Darko Budna

Chack spelling by Dragutin Matošević
Foto: Vladimir Horvat Horvi, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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