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Michael Flatley's LORD OF THE DANCE
Univerzalna Sala, Skopje, Makedonija
02.04.2005. i 03.04. 2005.

Lithium Records, Skopje, Makedonija, so dosega nezapamteno zadovolstvo vi ja najavuva najgolemata svetska tancuvacka / dance atrakcija, gospodarot na tancuvackiot podium Michael Flatley i negovite "Lord of the Dance". Atrakcijata sozdadena od magicniot spoj na irska tradicija, moderna koreografija, preubava muzika i sovršena produkcija ke imate prilika da ja poglednete vo Univerzalna Sala (Skopje) na 02. i 03. april 2005. Kartite ke bidat vo prodazba od 01. fevruari 2005. po cena od 1000, 1200 i 1500 denari, a preku sajtot www.lithiumrecords.com.mk ke mozhe sekoj da rezervira i izbere sam mesto, a nie da vi gi dostavime besplatno (napomena: site mesta se za sedenje).

Premierata e održana na pocetokot na april 1996., dve godini posle senzacijata što Michael Flatley i negoviot prethoden spektakl Riverdance ja predizvikaa na globalniot TV prenos na Evrosong '94 vo Dublin. Veke 1997. Lord Of The Dance debitira vo Severna Amerika so 13 rasprodani predstavi vo njujorškiot Radio City Music Hall i ucestvuva vo programot na dodeluvanje na Oscar, a Londonskata Wembley Arena podocna uspea da rasprodade duri dvaeset i eden den po red.

Nastapuvaat 200 tanceri so prosecna starost od 22 godine i dodatok od 20 profesionalci koi se grizhat za scenografija, koreografija, svetlo, zvuk i 1200 kostimi kolku vkupno koristat site ansambli. Na niv treba da se pridodadat i 35 stalni clenovi na tehnickiot personal, kako bi se dobil praviot dojam za goleminata na pogonot i profesionalnite standardi na showto cija zahtevnost možeme da ja sporedime so najsofisticiranite scenski proekti od bilo koj žanr.

Podatakot za poveke od pet milioni prodadeni primeraci od predstavata Lord Of The Dance na DVD i CD format ja potpolnuva fascinantnata statistika za najgolemiot uspeh na Michaela Flatleyja.

Ginisovite rekordi, Gremija, Oskari, nastapi, senzacii, zivotniot pat na golemiot Michael Flatley e vo attachment, ako napravite mal download ke go podelite zaklucokot so nas deka tolku golema muzicka atrakcija / zvezda dosega ne ja posetila Makedonija.

Osetete go i vie praviot irski temperament pretocen vo igra i muzika.

Michael Flatley’s Achievements

At the age of 17, Michael became the first American in history to win the World Championships for Irish Dance, thus crowning a competitive Irish dancing career in which he won 168 consecutive first place dance championships in competitions worldwide. Michael won a Golden Gloves boxing championship title.
He won the first of his All-Ireland Flute Championships. More would follow on the road to becoming a celebrated flautist.

Michael released his first flute album which included three original
compositions as well as traditional Irish melodies.

Michael began touring as a featured performer with The Chieftains, a world famous traditional Irish band.

Michael was the recipient of the prestigious Master of Dance Award for his exceptional contribution to the art of dance.

Michael became the youngest person in history to be awarded a National Heritage Fellowship from President Ronald Reagan and the National Endowment for the Arts, recognizing him as one of America's greatest living artists.

Setting his first world record for tap dancing speed at an astonishing 28 taps per second, Michael was recorded in the Guinness Book of records on May 9.

Michael was declared a living treasure by the National Geographic Society and was featured in an article in the January issue of National Geographic Magazine, titled Masters of Traditional Arts.

Michael was invited to dance at the Spirit of Mayo in Dublin, a unique festival of Irish Dance and music. The audience included Irish President Mary Robinson.

Michael was the principal star and choreographer of Riverdance, the featured highlight of the Eurovision Song Contest seen by over 300 million television viewers worldwide.

Riverdance was expanded to a full-length production and Michael became a super-star receiving critical acclaim from all quarters.

July 2, Michael premiered his own show, Lord of the Dance, at The Point in Dublin, Ireland. The show set live performance and video sales records all over the world. In Australia 250,000 tickets sold out in 10 days.

In March, Lord of the Dance hit the US with 13 consecutive sold out performances at Radio City Music Hall.
Michael and the Lord of the Dance troupe performed live at the Academy Awards show in Hollywood seen by over 2.5 billion people worldwide.
Chicago's Mayor Daley declared April 4, 1997 "Michael Flatley Day" in the City of Chicago.
In December, the Irish Entertainment Awards bestowed on Michael their Performance of the Year Award for Lord of the Dance.

After 390 performances in the title role of Lord of the Dance, Michael took his art to a new level with Feet of Flames. First staged in front of an audience of over 25,000 people on July 25, in Hyde Park, in London's historic Route of Kings, Feet of Flames is the largest, most extravagant dance show ever produced.
The Feet of Flames and Lord of the Dance videos are two of the biggest selling performance videos of all time. They spent a staggering 51 weeks at the top of the German music video charts and 40 weeks in the number two position.
In February, Michael broke his own Guinness Book record by achieving an amazing 35 taps per second.
Lord of the Dance performed a record-breaking run of 21 shows at the legendary Wembley Arena in London.
In March, The Late Late Show aired a tribute to Michael on National Irish Television where he received a specially commissioned Waterford crystal statue in his own image.

Michael was recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest paid dancer earning $1,600,000 per week and for having the highest insurance premium placed on a dancer's legs at $40,000,000.
In December in New York City, Hilary Clinton presented Michael with the Outstanding Irish-American of the Century award.

In March, Michael took Feet of Flames to Europe performing before sold-out crowds including a performance before 100,000 people in Budapest, Hungary.
Michael was again acknowledged as the highest paid dancer by the Guinness Book of World Records

In January, Michael was awarded Germany's top Music Video Prize for Feet of Flames, which has sold over 450,000 copies. He also collected a trophy for sales in excess of 9 times platinum.
In March, President Clinton presented Michael with the Irish-America Lifetime Achievement Award.
In June Michael brought Feet of Flames, The Victory Tour to the US thrilling his US fans and fulfilling his dream of performing before a sold out audience at Madison Square Garden.
In December, Michael was the guest of honor at the annual Christmas luncheon given by the Variety Club of Great Britain. There he received an award from the Irish Dancing Commission appointing him the first Fellow of An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha with an Honorary Higher Diploma in recognition of his services to Irish Dancing. The Irish Dancing Teachers' Association of North America also presented him with a silver platter making him a lifetime member.

In his capacity as creative director of Lord of the Dance, Michael saw the show break new ground yet again throughout the year.  There were stunning performances in the Lebanon, Ukraine and Finland while return tours of France, Germany, Australia and across the USA played to standing room only audiences.
During the year three of the shows Michael has created - Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and Feet Of Flames  - passed an unprecedented mark in entertainment history when combined ticket sales at box offices around the world for all three shows grossed over one billion dollars, making him The Billion Dollar Dancer.
In September, he was one of the guests at the highly prestigious Eve of Tournament Dinner of the 2002 Ryder Cup held in Birmingham. A special version of Lord of the Dance provided the spectacular after-dinner entertainment before a packed room of distinguished guests.
In October Michael was on hand to witness a tremendous performance by the international Troupe at the Kremlin Palace in Moscow in front of over 5,000 people and later saw a repeat triumph in St Petersburg.  While in Russia, he announced his plans to set up a series of Dancing Academies in major cities throughout the world to look for and nurture new and exciting talent to Lord of the Dance.
In October he also announced the signing of a quarter of a billion dollar  ($250,000) deal to take Lord of the Dance back to Las Vegas and a five-year residency in the Showroom at the prestigious Venetian Hotel and Casino.  Michael personally devised and created a lavish new production of the show for the leading Hotel on the Las Vegas strip.
In December he saw the show break new ground yet again with an exciting Christmas season at Disneyland in Paris.

Michael was honoured yet again with the award of the Irish-American of the Year in a special ceremony in New York in March.
In May Michael danced again for the first time in nearly two years.  By special invitation he performed the stunning Warlords from Lord of the Dance in front of some of the most powerful men on the planet including UK premier Tony Blair, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Germany's Gerhard Schroeder, China's Head of State, Jiang Zemin and leaders of the European Opinion and G8 countries.  Michael's performance was part of a superstar-studded Gala, which took place in St Petersburg to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the beautiful Russian city.  At the end of the performance President Vladimir Putin was the first backstage to congratulate Michael. He told him it was one of the greatest shows he had ever seen and personally invited him back to Russia to dance in Red Square.
The same month, Michael opened the first of his Irish Dance Academies in the Russian capital city.  It has been one of Michael's great ambitions to set up his own Irish Dance Academies around the world to teach and train dancers and to discover and develop new and exciting talent for the ever-expanding Lord of the Dance.  He celebrated the launch of the Moscow Dance Academy by giving a stunning workshop and master class.
In August Michael received another special request to dance again this time a Royal Command. He was personally invited by ASA Prince Albert of Monaco to perform at the year's most outstanding charity event, the prestigious and world-renowned Red Cross Ball held annually at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club. Michael headlined the evening's entertainment and recreated his award-winning role of the Lord of the Dance in a special one-hour production of the record-breaking show. He was joined on stage by members of his original Troupe and gave an electrifying performance. It proved to be another stunning and spectacular evening - one for the history books again  - as Michael danced before an audience that included ASA Prince Rainier, HSA Princess Caroline and HSA Princess Stephanie, and other members of the House of Grimaldi, the Monaco Royal family and a host of international celebrities. At the end of the spellbinding show, it was ASA Prince Albert who led the standing ovation and the acclaim.
The heir to the Monaco throne, ASA Prince Albert presented Michael with the Grimaldi Dynasty 700 medal for his outstanding contribution to the world of dance.

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