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  World Of Music

10. - 17. August 2005

Nothing else but Sziget Festival!

An international culture camp, the biggest multicultural event in Eastern Europe, the best week of the year. Attributes, titles, names and all this is Sziget. This year's festival is expecting its visitors every day between August 10-17 with hundreds of programmes on 60 venues, lining up more than a hundred international stars. Besides the numerous music spots, Sziget promises strong programmes in other fields of culture, offering real treats of the field of theatre, fine arts, literature and the art of dancing.

Another one week, the thirteenth already. This is a good omen unquestionably: the best line-up ever is going to appear in the history of Sziget. Mr. Károly Gerendai, Sziget Festival's main organizer commented: "In the first 12 years, we expanded the venues of the programmes, we developed the infrastructure and by today we've reached that Sziget has become one of the largest and most varied event compared to international standards. By now, part of the money from the budget that was invested earlier into the expanding project can be spent on improving quality in the fields of providing services and programmes. In the spirit of this, this year we spent twice as much money on the Main Stage than we did last year. We enlarged expenditures on the stars of the World Music Stage by fifty percent, but the Hammerworld Stage and WAN2 Stage also received more from the budget. Moreover, we pushed the date a week later in order to get closer in time to other big end-of-summer festivals, hoping that the international stars will have more free time and be more available, so we can spend the enlarged budget on them."

It seems that our estimations will come true. This year, there'll be such stars following each other on the Main Stage who are usually headliners at festivals that take themselves seriously. These performers are inevitably the stars of the past and present with numerous international music awards. They're constantly on the hit charts in Europe and across the ocean, and played by music tv and radio channels continuously.

At Main Stage, within the late night star-cavalcade, we welcome one of the most notable artists of 90s electronic & dance music, Underworld. Franz Ferdinand, the band, which won all the most prestigious awards available (e.g. MTV Music Awards, British Awards), has recently accepted the invitation and are going to attract huge crowds in front of Main Stage. Probably the most influential American rock band of the second half of the 90’s, Korn, is also going to perform at this venue. The story of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, another crowd-pleaser at Main Stage, is one of the most well-known ones in previous decades of rock history; Mr. Cave has managed to stay on top ever since. Brand New Heavies, who belong amongst the most basic formations of acid jazz, will return to Sziget after six years of absence. The searching, pleasantly shaded but still energetic tone of Natalia Imbruglia’s popsongs will mark a special tint on the palette of Main Stage. The Game, who is one of the freshest talents of the American hiphop ’game’ will also pay his visit to the Main Stage for a little rabbiting. American, Good Charlotte, which started out as just another one of those popular teenage-punk bands, is a fairly interesting phenomenon; their latest album shows that they may prove to be more than just a simple, one-dimensional, noisy punkband as all their songs can bring about new, different nuances. In the summer heat, Jamaican Sean Paul, one of the biggest names in the dancehall business, is sure to make most of the Main Stage massive to move their bodies to his seductive rhythms.

Swedish pop’s most talented band, The Hives has also confirmed to perform. With a new singer and introducing a brand-new album, which will be released in May, Morcheeba will be on Sziget’s outstanding guest list as well. Ska-P, the most popular group of Spanish ska is already on board, too, for this year’s festival. The early afternoon lineup includes Beatsteaks, who belong among Germany’s most demanded ”pop goods”. Juliette Lewis, who has made herself a name as actress in Hollywood blockbuster, Natural Born Killers before all, visits Sziget with her band, The Licks, founded in 2003, and they promise some good, convincing, in-your-face rock music. The Toy Dolls, one of the most famous punkbands after the classical punk epoch will perform at Main Stage too; actually they are the classics of the new punk era.

Representatives of the notoriously rich Swedish rock-scene, Mando Diao will play some of their true, massive tunes to the gathering in front of Main Stage. Roots Manuva performs at this venue too, who are becoming one of the most emblematic groups of the more and more carismatic British hiphop scene. The Wailers, most famous band of the reggae movement, is also coming to Sziget 2005, the name of whom remains always unseparable from the messiah of Jamaican music, singer-guitarist - song & lyrics - writer Bob Marley.

One of the most famous and most skilled modern followers of The Wailers, T.O.K., who are reputed among the greatest entertainers of the Jamaican dancehall-reggae community, will follow in the footsteps of their illustrious icons alongside the sexy Jamaican singer, Cecile, upon the Main Stage of Sziget.

World Music Main Stage.
If we take world stars, the African lineup is notably strong: with his band Super Etoile de Dakar, creator the Senegalese mbalax style, Youssou N'Dour will perform for the first time at Sziget. He received a Grammy award for his album, Egypt, this year. Another Senegalese, Baaba Maal will return to Sziget after seven years; Mory Kante from Guinea does the same, who has totally reorganized his band since his 2002 concert at Sziget. This time he will arrive with an absolutely different, purely acoustic programme. The touareg blues of Tinariwen from Mali can well become the most noteworthy production of the last years and Zap Mama's afropop, which operates with lots of hiphop elements, is the most probable candidate for the title "The Comeback of the Year". Fans of Algerian rai music can listen to the greatest rai female singer of all time on the first day, the 81-year-old Cheikha Rimitti and Khaled on the last, the "rai king", who released a new album last year. The New York Klezmatics, who is considered the world's best klezmer group will come with an utterly new performance: they will play gospel with Joshua Nelson and Kathryn Farmer. Within the Cuban Buena Vista Social Club series, this time the protagonist is going to be the trumpet player, Manuel Guajiro Mirabal.

Among the newest names we can mention the English Oi Va Voi, who mix Eastern European folk music with techno sounds. They had a huge success last year and they confirmed to return to Sziget this year as well. Other names feature Enzo Avitabile from Naples with his dozen drummers or Woven Hand from Denver, which is the band of David Eugene Edwards, the charismatic ex-singer of 16 Horsepower that has broken up recently. Another American band, the Radio Mundial will arrive with some Latin dance music interwoven with reggae and rock sounds. The amazingly multicoloured world music life of France will be represented by three bands: Watcha Clan, whose techno dance music is mixed with dub and gypsy elements, as well as some North African influence. Tarace Boulba varies reggae and funky with the tradition of New Orleans brass bands, while Les Hurlements D'Leo squirts vehement punk music into the high spirits of poetry and chanson. Belgian DAAU – who are said to have training in classical music - perform in a sort of chamber-orchestra-style; they play something very special that could be likened to a mixture of Eastern European folk, classical, jazz and rock music, but actually it is more than a hybrid, it is more like a unique experience.

Eastern Europe is on the one hand represented by one of the world's best clarinet player, Bulgarian Ivo Papasov, who plays the kind of frenetic ethno jazz that has roots in the "wedding music" tradition. Mahala Rai Banda - who has become popular recently - unites the Romanian string and brass groups' tradition. Polish Tolhaje and Czech Neocekávany Dychánek bring some transfusion into world music: the former plays Polish folk with jazzy sounds, the other operates with sets of Balkan and klezmer music.

Dance Arena, the greatest tent of Sziget (2700m2) expects fans of electronic and dance music with loads of world famous artists. One of the craziest, most spontaneous and most bizarre character of this venue is DJ Rush; it is quite hard to find such an entertainer DJ nowadays. ’Leader of the trance nation’, called one of the illustrious British periodists Paul van Dyk. His outstanding custom mixing-technique and his extravagant looks guarantee full house shows all over the world. For 15 years by now, the name of Luke Slater has been the synonyme of quality electonic music. Slater, the alchemist of techno always had the tendency of turning towards the extreme, mixing completely different effects and styles in a peculiar energetic concord. Timo Maas has always been a perfectionist when it is about music. No wonder, his endeavour spurs him to overcome expectations every time, regardless of what he does at the moment: an own track, remixing, a DJ set or managing new talents (at his own label, Four: Twenty Recordings). The Advent, a prominent and active participant of the house&techno scene, hosts explosive, body-moving shows worldwide, showing fine skills with live acts as well as turntableism. Legendary figure of the montreal rave and elektro scene, Tiga appears in the Arena too, who created his reputation with his innovative shows accompanied by special visual performances. This venue welcomes LTJ Bukem, who is known for being the creative spirit of the post-acid house era and his pioneering work in the genre of D&B. Xpress 2 can be seen here too, who gained international club fame with their track ’Muzik Express’ in which they use typewriter-like sounding drums, crazy alarming horns as well as dancefloor pyrotechnics. They are working on their new studio album at the moment.
Jochem Paap, a.k.a. Speedy J, is a troublemaker type. He likes to tear down barriers and transform all norms of music known to man. This frantic Rotterdam producer has been manufacturing hard-hitting electronical tunes for more than a decade.

Wan2 stage offers large variegation of different genres, as usual. Among its international artists this year, is Fishbone. The L.A. band founded in 1979 is unerasable from among the groups that play ’hybrid’ music; moreover, they are a cult-band composed of great musicians playing with a magical influence. Another representative of the really strong Scandinavian post-punk garage-rock, is International Noise Conspiracy who can be said to be sort of relatives of The Hives, also performing artists this year. Finnish Giant Robot is one of the most exciting performers of Wan2. They are listed among hiphop formations, nevertheless, their music comprises electronic and acoustic elements as well. Resin Dogs add a unique flavour to the tasty Sziget menu mingling the tribal rhythms of modern electronic dancemusic with turntable hiphop and a funky scoring. Maniac folk-rock players, Louise Attack are no doubt the Number One in France nowadays. Münich band, Sportfreunde Stiller plays a sort of giutar-pop-indie-rock, their music could be likened to Stern or Tocotronic and as good Müncheners, they are great fans of 1860 and Bayern, of course. With the number of Wickeda, Sziget welcomes probably the most famous Bulgarian rock band; their rock-etno-funk-reggae-ska is usually equally sympathetic to Manu Chao and Biohazard fans. French Matmatah borrowed their name from a small Tunesian village where one of the members, Stan spent his childhood. In spite of the Arabic-sounding name, they play guitar-based rock and they consciously stand out for their Breton musical roots. One of the most important characters of French mainstream is Tetes Raides, which was founded twenty years ago. A comeback guest to Sziget is British Dreadzone, who almost dropped their teeth seeing what a success they were in previous years and promised to come back again. They kept their word and return this year. HidaJimbo is a unique Japanese music project linking the past, the present and the future.

The international guests of Hammerworld Stage promise real turbulent rampage. First of, living death metal legends, Obituary are to appear here, who just released their ’best-of’ entitled ’Anthology’, which summarizes the essence of their music. The column of German heavy metal, Brainstorm are on tour with their new release, Liquid Monster, and Saxon; they both pull over at Sziget to provide fans with some impulsive metal music. Fathers of new wave British heavy metal, Saxon, called off their performance last year in the last minute, now they make up for the absence. Accept was formed in the late seventies with the conduct of lead singer Udo Dirkschneider and by the beginnings of the 80’s, they managed to create their genuine sound, which became the synonym of German heavy metal. Finnish-Hungarian friendship is enstrenghtened this time by Sentenced on the metal venue of Sziget, whose performance is obligatory for Hammerworld fans, as their latest release, Funeral Album, foreshadows that this time can well be their last concert at Sziget. Swedish Opeth, who also represent the massive Scandinavian metal scene comes with their mixture of death-, instrumental-, progressive-, and experimental metal to please headbangers. Probably, the most known Hungarian punk-HC singer is Zoli Téglás, who already toured the world with his band, Ignite.

On top of all the above, further music programs, thematic music tents - from folk and blues to classical concerts - guarantee versatile entertainment to our visitors for the whole week, 24 hours a day.

Nearly two-dozen party venues with different styles are available for late night fun. Numerous exhibitions, performances, an out-door museum, a puppet theatre and a cabaret can be enjoyed at other locations. In the evenings, movies are shown outdoors. Kids are entertained at children programmes but if parents decide not to take the children along to a program they can be left at the day-care under the attention of qualified personnel.

The sport events of Sziget Festival provide various and active recreation from different extreme sports to beach volleyball and soccer. Over 100 civil organizations are present and provide services during Sziget Festival.

Kornel Szabo - Press Coordinator
Sziget Kulturális Szervezőiroda
Sziget Cultural Management
Budapest, 1117 Orlay utca 5-7.- Hungary
Tel.: +36 1 372 0671, Fax: +36 1 372 0685
e-mail: szabo.kornel@sziget.hu

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