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New York, USA

"Croatian Folk Party"
"Croatian Folk Party 2"

Ned Benvin
New York, USA

I've been playing music for over 45 years, first as a lead guitar and back up vocal for bands: OTOCANI, Mali Losinj, Croatia 1960-1972, ADRIATICS New York 1972-1975, KRISTALI New York 1975-1985 and then as a keyboard player for the band TRI KANTUNA 2000-2004 also from New York.

During these years I toured The Mediterranean on a cruise ship with the band OTOCANI. In the USA and Canada toured with many Croatian recording artists like: Kico Slabinac, Opatijski Suveniri, Betty Jurkovic, Lidija Percan and others. I play mostly Croatian folk music and traditional songs and dances from all over Croatia, also many Pop songs by top Croatian recording artists.

In 1992 suffered an accident, lost use of both legs. In 1997 started to learn the keyboard and computer. Had time to think. I noticed that not many Croatian youngsters and American themselves had no idea about Croatian folk music. Therefore, I decided to record a CD with many Croatian folk songs arranged in contemporary styles, using synthesizers, no lyrics, no rhythms that will make one look like dancing with two left feet.

In 2004 I released a CD "CROATIAN FOLK PARTY". Comments like: "I had no idea this is Croatian song" or "You Croatians have great folk music, where have you been?" or "Thanks to this CD I had a great Party last night" showed that we have great music, just have to present it in a way that will be more down to Earth. Shortly afte, I released a second CD "CROATIAN FOLK PARTY 2". Here I added folk songs from Bosnia and Macedonia. Just like first, this CD was a succes. These 2 CDs contain 24 tracks of instrumentally arranged Croatian Folk songs, compiled into 18 medleys, and 4 individual songs. Both CDs are selling on www.cdbaby.com or download individual songs from iTUNES, NAPSTER and just about any digital download company. Some other works I did, you can see by visiting my website: www.nedbenvin.com .

I would like to thank to BARIKADA.COM for giving us, independent artist a chance to present our self's to the their visitors.

If you like music that combines the sound of beautiful classic folk instruments from the shores of the Adriatic or the plains of Slavonija with lively styles of Polka, Waltzes, Quadrangle or 7/8 dances from Macedonia, then this CD is definitely for you. Crisp sounds of mandolin, resonant sound of accordion, subdued sound of flute are all dancing throughout the CD. Most of the music is arranged in contemporary, upbeat, dance and party styles. Total of 46 songs are compiled into 11 medleys and one individual song.

I've been playing and arranging World and Croatian folk music for most of my life. For 45 years I played with many Croatian renowned artists, toured the Mediterranean sea on a cruise ship with my band and entertained hundred of thousands people of many nationalities in many Croatian, American and Canadian cities. Since I retired in 2001 my dream was to release a CD that will be entertaining, upbeat and full of beautiful folk music from Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia and North Italy. Next I wanted this CD to be appealing to all, especially Western audiences who do not know much about Croatian folk music.

I hope I succeeded in producing a CD of the kind that make you want to dance whether you're Croatian or World dancer. Great music for any party, "festa", wedding or picnic.

Croatian Folk Party #2 Song list:
1. All Croatian Mix.... Songs: Tri sulara su... Bezi Jankec... Kopa cura vinograd... Marjane, Marjane
2.Mala Mare, Dalmatian mix... Songs: Kad si bila mala Mare... Da nije ljubavi... U naseg Marina... Barka
3. Bosnia folk / pop song mix... Songs: Ne klepeci nanulama... S one strane Plive.. Kafu mi draga ispeci
4. Gypsy medley... Songs: Nema ljepse djevojke... Govori se da me varas... 4 konja debela... Evo banke cigane moj... Lusce puno 5. Macedonian 7/8 Mix... Songs: Jovano, Jovanke... Daj da pijem mila mamo... Bitola... Bolen mi lezi mlad Stojane
6. Moja Mariola, Dalmatian Mix... Songs: Jere skovacin... Falile se Kastelanke... Sjor File moj, sjor Dane moj... Ja sam majko cura fina
7. Bekrija, Slavonia dances Mix... Songs Croatian traditional... Na kraj sela cadava mehana... Oj lolo bekrijo
8. Kontrada, Adriatic Waltz Mix... Songs: Da mi je proci kontradom... Mornaru mili, mornaru dragi... Sinoc kad sam ti prosa... Sto radis djevo bajna
9. Macamoska Polka... Music by Braco Cargonja
10. Slavonija Folk Songs Mix... All Croatian traditional
11. Istrian Waltz Mix... Songs: La donna ze come una vipera... Piemontezina... E viva il mar... La Spagnola
12. Mariana Medley... Songs: Mariana... Zora rudi, dan se budi


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