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For scientists Helicobakter has been a familiar subject for some years now. Every other individual is carrier of this bacterium, which along others can cause serious stomach diseases such as abscesses. To prevent any unnecessary risk, the Rock Band Helicobakter offers with their music an acoustic preventive medicine. The healing power of the Helicorock makes it possible to live in symbiosis with those settlers of the stomach. In the same way that the bacteria seek for absolute resistance, the band invests its energy in creating special and exciting compositions, always trying to be one step ahead.

There is no time to get used to one specific pattern. It seems that the band has two faces. But the face of a band is their style, and the Helicobakter style is based upon open minds. Besides its variety, it is the interplay of the instruments that makes the sound special. There is no tabulation, but feeling - simply Helicorock. Progressiv Rock all the way to the stomach.

Helicobakter - Biography

1997: Simon and Flo started to hang out together in their free time. They were always trying to play their own songs, or at least they called them songs. The goal was to get on stage, and that happened soon with the new founded band called Mars Melons. A few concerts in the city of Chur followed.

In summer 2000: Flo went to the USA for one year. He came back home with a lot of new ideas about music. Simon also had improved throughout this year. In fall 2001 Vali joined the band with his drums, and that was the official beginning of Helicobakter. They tried to bundle their ideas in endless jam sessions. That is where they got the feeling from for each other's skills and at that time they invented the Helicobakter - style called Helicorock.

In summer 2004 was the first Helicobakter concert at a small open air in Maienfeld. They were only three men on stage, cause the search for a bass player was still going at this time.

In spring 2005 Helicobakter recorded their first CD, "the notorious pill" at the Blue Wonder Studios in Chur. For the releasing party they needed a bass player. Ken Schüpbach was kind enough, although he played in the Horns'n Roll band Bonkaponxz. Some regional concerts followed.

Spring 2006: Helicobakter started to work together with Strong Reaction Music. At the Powerplay Studios in Maur they recorded a Promotion CD on which the famous swiss rapper Gimma threw some lines as their guest..

Summer 2006: Bass player Erny did his debut at the IGSA Downhill World Champion Chips in Tomils (Switzerland). From this freaky event on, Erny was the Helicobakter’s Bass man.

They played some shows, one of them at the Fontibon Skate Tour in Amriswil. The success at the best song web - award from MTV Germany (Ranking 8 for the song "King Kong") is still giving drive to the band.

At the moment Helicobakter is playing as much concerts as possible. Their goal this year is to carry the infection out of Switzerland.

Next dates:

24 february 2007 show at the On Stage Music Festival in Lenzerheide with Disco Ensemble (FIN), The Films (USA), The Peakocks (CH)
17 march 2007 show in Chur with Projekt 12à30
30 march 2007 show in Flims
06 april 2007 show in Wetzikon with Projekt 12à30
21 april 2007 show in Biel with Earthbend (D)
04 August 2007 show at the Open Air Hohen Raetien

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