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Sherman Robertson & BluesMove

"Sherman Robertson and BluesMove is a mighty powerful combination." - Blues Matters!
"Sherman Robertson deserves to have his name added to the short list of the finest musicians who play electric blues." - Living Blues
"Some of the best Texas soul-blues anyone could hope for. Potent singing and sizzling guitar Sherman Robertson is one of the most important artist in blues." - Blues Revue
"One of the most important artists in blues" - Blues Revue
"Not since the days of the late Albert Collins and the rise of Robert Cray has such a convincing talent lent itself to the blues genre with such passion and conviction." - Pete Feenstra
"Sherman's soul drenched vocals were delivered with passionate intensity, his beautifully fluid guitar playing made my hair stand on end" - Dave Kingsbury!

Sherman Robertson's long awaited CD "Guitar Man - Live" has now been releases. "Guitar Man - Live" was recorded live at the Kwadendamme Blues Festival on May 14th 2005.

Sherman Robertson is already considered a young master of zydeco, hard-swinging Texas electric blues, R&B and swampy Louisiana blues. Robertson often surprises audiences with his ability to play R&B, zydeco and blues with a rock edge. "I use that driving, road-cooking type zydeco groove, and put blues on top of it," says Robertson. It's basically rhythm and feel." In June 2000, Robertson played at the Pioneer Valley Blues Festival in Massachusetts. Alligator president, Bruce Iglauer, was in the crowd. "He was always good," he says, "but when I saw him in June he was on fire. He ruled the stage, had the audience in the palm of his hand, and his just plain physical showmanship reminded me of Albert Collins. As Soon as he walked of the stage I started talking about signing him. He's got that Texas energy, great guitar chops, and is a wonderful, soulful singer."

Sherman was born in Beaux Bridge, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas. Robertson quickly earned a local reputation as a very good guitarist. While still in high school Robertson was recruited by his music teacher, Conrad Johnson, to play in his popular group, Connie's Combo (and otherwise adult band). As a teenager in the late 1960's, he spent six weeks on the road as lead guitarist with blues superstar Bobby "Blue" Bland and also backed Junior Parker. That gave Sherman the incentive to form his own band, Sherman Robertson and the Crosstown Blues Band with whom he recorded two albums on the Lunar II label. During the 1970's, Robertson was content playing weekends while raising a family and holding down a "regular" job until Clifton Chenier, "the King Of Zydeco," asked him to do some dates with his band. Those few dates turned into 5 years, as Robertson toured Europe and U.S. with Chenier. He then joined Terrance Simien's hot, then young zydeco band, briefly playing with Rockin' Dopsie, Johnny Clyde Copeland and several other well-known artists.

The word on Robertson's talent began to spread. Paul Simon needed a guitar player to add some sounds to his "Graceland" album and he chose Robertson. Soon after, legendary British producer Mike Vernon (John Mayall's Bluebreakers with Eric Clapton, Freddie King, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie) signed Robertson to Atlantic Records. Robertson's first solo recording, 1993's "I'm The Man" (Atlantic1994), was nominated for a W.C. Handy Award.

His second Atlantic release, "Here And Now", was released in 1996 to more critical acclaim. But convinced he would have more promotional support and artistic freedom from an independent label, Robertson weighed his options.

In early 1998, producer Joe Harley, with the help of Robertson's manager, Catherine Bauer, assembled a first class back up band for a project for the AudioQuest label, including two charter members of Little Feat, keyboardist Bill Payne and drummer Richie Hayward. They all gathered at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood for the sessions that resorted in the album, "Going Back Home". Blues Revue loved the release. "Potent singing and sizzling guitar... Robertson is unstoppable."

November 2005 sees the very latest tour by Sherman Robertson & BluesMove. Sherman Robertson's long awaited CD "Guitar Man - Live" will be available on this tour and on the Movinmusic site in November in advance of its official release early in 2006.

Living Blues (July 2000) by Roger Wood
Blues Review (October 1999)
BluePrint (now Blues in Britain) Volume 2 Issue 24

The Story of the Fender Stratocaster by Back Beat Books
State of the Blues portrait photography 1998 by Jeff Dunas
Down In Houston, Bayou City Blues text by Roger Wood photography by James Fraher. "This book brings the Houston blues, zydeco and jazz scene to light and enables it to take its rightful place as one of the great crucibles of American popular music in the last half of the twentieth century."- David Evans, author of Big Road Blues

Guitar Man Ė Live (2005)
Going Back Home (1998)
Here and Now (1995)
I'm the Man (1993)

Graceland Ė Paul Simon

"Sherman Robertson's live shows are the most spellbinding musical experience Iíve ever witnessed since Luther Allison. The perfect blend of blues, soul and rock delivered with unparalleled passion." - Steve Walbridge, Pioneer Valley Blues Festival
"Robertson put on the best set of the 1997 King Biscuit festival. Sparks were flying. It was great entertainment. I would recommend Sherman most highly, not only for his professionalism but also for his love of the music, which comes through very clearly." - Jerry Pillow, music director King Biscuit Blues Festival
" Had a blast when this fabulous musician was in Paris. Ended up dancing on stage. He's funny, sexy, and good. Go hear him play! Have a good time! - Susan Chadwick, art critic/writer, Houston TX.

I've done the blues nights for almost five years now and I thought last night was the best one there's been. I've had time to reflect now and none of the others even came close! Thanks for a magnificent night! - Nick Westgarth, Penrith Blues Club Nov 05
"How ya feelin' - did you get your groove on?" asked Sherman towards the end of this rewarding gig. We certainly did, and the singer and guitarist from Texas and his 4-piece band deserve credit for gradually building a superb atmosphere. Not that Sherman just played blues - there was a big helping of soul and rock in his set, and his guitar playing was sweet, mellow and subtle.
A number of the songs in Shermanís set were from his latest album "Guitar Man - Live" - songs like "Make It Rain", a slow lament about a woman who could invoke precipitation when there was not a cloud in the sky. In fact, many of the songs were on familiar blues territory - travelling on the road, troublesome women and so on, but Shermanís stage presence, intense vocals and varied guitar work added a new dimension to the genre. A highlight of the set was when he left the stage to reappear amongst the audience still playing his guitar as he roamed around the venue a la Otis Grand. Another highlight was a charming song "Everybody Loves Somebody" which Sherman dedicated to his mother - "She's only about 4'5" tall, she's mean as hell, but she loves me!" - quipped Sherman. Definitely the best blues performer Iíve seen this year, and a phenomenal band. The Brook, Southampton - 23/11/05 from Playingoutloud.
I've seen some great artists in Penrith in the last few years but I've got to say Sherman tops the lot, The man is a truly magnificent guitarist - not that this is news to you. And he really put himself out for the fans. I can't praise him highly enough, for the value he gave to people. As for meandering through the crowd, giving a close up show to everyone, even the woman sitting outside at the table by the cloakroom...! And not a note missed at any point. Great band, too. Mark - Penrith Blues Club Nov 05
Not sure when you will pick up this message, but I just wanted to confirm how much we enjoyed the gig last night. I always like going to see good bands when I can as I always learn from it and get lots of ideas and inspiration from the way other people do things. What particularly struck me on the night was the quality of everyone in the band, the tightness of the performance, and the empathy with the audience. Sherman has a great voice and is a consummate guitarist and performer, but what stood out was his stage craft and the way he connects with people which was exceptional and something I can definitely learn from. Nice touch also with getting the young boy up on the stage and encouraging him. Terry - Cranleigh Arts Centre Nov 05
Just wanted to say that Friday nights don't get any better than that! Listening to the album as I write, Wow what a performer and the band is really tight. Thanks to Sherman and the band for a great night. JH Penrith Blues Nov 05
Just wanted to say that Blues Move did Sherman proud last night at the Boom Boom (20th Nov). We were completely in awe of Sherman and his mastery of the blues, I realise now how far the band and I have yet to go to reach a true understanding of the blues after seeing him perform. Well done mate, the Blues is safe in the hands of Sherman Robertson and BluesMove. MB - Boom Boom Club Nov 05
I have been an avid follower of Sherman Robertson for a long time now and last night at the Boom Boom witnessed a man at the top of his game. I was shocked at how good he was and wanted to thank you for bringing him over and giving us the chance to see such a renowned and major talent, one of the best gigs I have seen. RJ Boom Boom Club November 05

The Independent - "Always a compelling live performer, Robertson's new album offers a glimpse of what the soulful singer with stinging guitar licks can deliver on stage". (November 2005 saw Sherman Robertson and BluesMove in the Independentís top 5 jazz and blues gigs in the UK)
Guitar Magazine (5 page feature) "Sherman plays Texas blues soaked in zydeco and ríníb, all performed with the fire & intensity of a true rocker.
Blues In Britain - "This is really a great set, tough and impassioned - a first rate comeback".
Blues in the South - "Donít miss this. An hour of wonderful, exciting & beautifully performed music".
Blue Art Journal - "Sherman combines the best qualities of old & new, buy this CD".
Nottingham Post - "This should send a tingle up the spine of any blues lover". This CD is in the list of end of year top 5 albums.
Surrey Advertiser - "A real showman, a great musician, fine singer, and a pretty handy songwriter too".
What's On - "This album catches Sherman & the band at their very best".
Americana UK - "Bluesman Robertson is a purveyor of classic blues in a style akin to an earthier Robert Cray, only with a whole lot more soul".
Blues Matters - "Sherman can sure play that thing and Bluesmove are just one of the best backing bands in the country".
Net Rhythms - "Sherman Robertson, a current blues guitarist that can quite rightly be classed as premier division".
Play It Louder - "A big helping of soul and rock in his set, and his guitar playing was sweet, mellow and subtle".
Rock of the North website - "Sherman is a stalwart of the blues and amongst the very best of the exponents of this genre".
BBC Radio 2 - Paul Jones playing tracks from the album & quote - "Guitar Man - Live" is very, very good indeed, especially BluesMove - I was very impressed with them".
Radio Maldwyn - "Unusual these days to hear such a strong & soulful singer combined with strong blues guitar playing".

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