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Achim Schultz / OverTwenty
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Achim Schultz / OverTwenty - iz is a case of pop / rock / classic rock artist / band from Munich, Bayern, Germany.

"Think Big" is actually his 10th album, but on the other hand, only the 2nd (officially released). The cover of this album is done by The Beatles Anthology (album) drawer - Alfons Kiefer. OverTwenty featured: Achim Schultz (bass, vocal); Guenter Pekruhl (composer & singer of "Walls And Bridges"), Holger Enghardt (guitar); Sandrina Sedona (back vocals); Mathias Riehm (drums)

"The Idea for album "Think Big" has its origin in a memory where generosity, humor, tolerance, happyness, cooperativeness and peaceableness are actually remunerative attributes. People always have had a disposition to be small-minded, illiberated relating to abuse of power and to be self-served at relations, as well as they think self served in policy. All of these things, had been the identical things that John Lennon had sensed as bad. So he pointet with campaigns, that these attributs can lead to war. In my song "Give Peace A Chance" I am singing in prospect of John Lennon. Nearly 40 years have gone and nothing has changed...", said Achim Schultz.

My friend Rumpel Fool / Jolly Goodfellow - he is an artist in the Beatles "Love" show at the Mirage / Las Vegas (USA). He had a bad dream there and therefore I wrote him the song: "Jolly Goodfellow". "Give Peace A Chance".

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