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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

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  Barikada - World Of Music - Svastara - 2007
Zagreb, Hrvatska
CD - "Lost in html"
CD - "Lost in html"
Zdenko Ivanušić Quartet
Zagreb, Hrvatska
P r e s e n t a t i o n

Zdenko Ivanusic Quartet was founded in late 2003. It is a typical jazz combo, with musicians from Croatia and Slovenia. The artistic and conceptual foothold of the quartet are original compositions written by its leader, aligned with the works of jazz greats and well-known jazz standards. The style of the Zdenko Ivanusic Quartet can be characterised as contemporary mainstream jazz. Within those structural lines, the boundaries of rythmic and harmonic parametres are transfigured which results in a unique musical expression.

Zdenko Ivanusic (1967) is a dynamic member of the Croatian jazz scene. He is founder and artistic leader of Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet, soloist and lead alto in HGM Jazz Orkestra and member of other bands such as Soul Train, Driving South,...

Davor Dedic (1975) he's been member of the "Argus Jazz Band" combo from Osijek. From 2004 to 2005 played keyboards in salsa band Cubismo. Since 2002 he is regular member of the "HGM jazz orkestar Zagreb". One of the best Croatian keyboard players.

Bruno Domiter (1980) earned a degree in percussion studies at the Music School in Maribor. He is currently a student at the Jazz Conservatory in Graz. Among other professional activities, he is a member of HGM Jazz Orkestra.

Goran Rukavina (1979), a young Croatian jazz bass player, is continuing his education at the bass department of the Jazz Conservatory in Graz. He works with Elvis Stanic Group also is a member of HGM Jazz Orkestra.

CD - "Lost in html"
CD - "Lost in html"

Zdenko Ivanušić
Zagreb, Hrvatska

Zdenko Ivanusic, saxophonist and composer, was born in Zagreb in 1967. He graduated in saxophone performance at the Zagreb Academy of Music. He has been a dynamic member of the Croatian music scene since 1990. He leads his own groups and is in demand as a sideman in various ensembles and groups. Through his experience in so-called classical music, jazz, fusion and funk he attains a unique approach in most musical settings, from a symphonic orchestra, chamber ensembles to a big band, a saxophone quartet or a small band. Although recognizable through his inimitable blowing style, contemporary harmonic and phrasing achievements, he still owes much to the tradition.

He leads Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet and his own small bands, which are, besides jazz standards, focused on promoting his compositions and original arrangements. He has been arranging the repertoire of genuine modernists of jazz, such as G. Gershwin, C. Mingus, W. Shorter, B. Watson, S. Coleman and J. Zawinul. His tastes go even further, to Cuban nuance and humor. In compositions, polyrhythmic and polytonality is frequently employed, as well as emotional intensity and improvisational clarity.

As the principal alto chair in Croatian Army Symphonic Wind Orchestra he had a chance to work with many distinguished conductors such as Uroš Lajoviæ, Vjekoslav Šutej, Pavle Dešpalj, Tim Reynish, Nikša Bareza, Miljenko Prohaska, Mladen Tarbuk, which was a great experience. He has been playing with the Zagreb Philharmonic, Croatian Radiotelevision Symphonic Orchestra, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and Croatian Music Institute Big Band. He has been soloist and lead alto with HGM Jazz Orchestra Zagreb, under the leadership of Austrian band leader Sigi Feigl since it was founded in 2002. He also collaborates with Zvonimir Buèeviæ Buè in his "The Buèers" band focusing on funk and fusion and has a steady gig in "Zuhra Light" TV show and reggae band "Brain Holidays". He had a chance to share the stage with many distinguished musicians such as Randy Brecker, Bob Mintzer, Don Menza, Bobby Shew, John Riley, Earl Gardner, Peter Herbolzheimer, Kevin Mahogany, Barbara Denerlein, to name a few.

CD - "Lost in html"
CD - "Lost in html"
Zivaldo Records, 2007
CD - "Lost in html"
CD - "Lost in html"
Zivaldo Records, 2007

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