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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

ExYUsingles - Istorijat muzike ex YU
  Barikada - World Of Music - Webmaster / Editor

Dragutin Matošević
(Tuzla 05/12/2008 - Photo: Lejla Halilagić)


Welcome to Barikada!!! - About myself:

My name is Dragutin Matošević, but my friends call me Dragan. I'm born on January the 9th 1952 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I live now-a-days. I'm married and have two grown-up children.

RFT 4 U 62v - Rado that in late 50-ties brought me into the world of music
("Der 4 U 62 entstand aus dem ersten ostdeutschen Einheitssuper nach dem Krieg (4U61). Er wurde ab 1950 von zwei Betrieben in völlig identischer Ausführung gebaut, vom VEB Stern Radio Staßfurt und vom VEB Funkwerk Dresden. Beide kamen in einem Presstoffgehäuse. Ab 1951 gab es noch eine abweichende Version in einem schönen Holzgehäuse aus Staßfurt.")

I've entered the world of music in late 50's of the last century by listening the radio shows, and in late 60's I've started listening beat music through Radio Luxembourg. Later on, I've read Džuboks (Jukebox) magazine, published in ex-Yugoslavia, buying my first LP / SP records, and visited the concerts organized in Tuzla.

Foto: Tomica Balaš
Walt, Osijek, 1973
(Dragutin Matošević Guto - vocal; Ivica Čačić Kopa - bass guitara, vocal; Gašpar Hodonj Mile - keyboards, vocal; Zdenko Rogina Rogo - drums; Mladen Kujundžić Mars - giutar, vocal)

Afterwards, during 70's, I've been involved in active music career (as a vocal and bass player) performed in several pop / rock bands in Osijek, Croatia (to mention Walt and Tref - as the most significant ones). The end of active music career happened in army orchestra, during the military service (1977 / 1978) on Military Airport Batajnica, Belgrade (Serbia). That period was also characterized by following of the musical information published in world known magazines, such as Pop Photo, Bravo, New Musical Express and Melody Maker. During 70-ties I composed my own music (see below included YouTube audio / video exemplars).

Photo: Tomica Balaš
Tref, Osijek, oko. 1974. godine
(Zlatko Vukasović - Keči - bass guitar ; Ivica Matković Maki - drums ; Dragutin Matošević Guto - vocal ; Slobodan Ivanović Danče - guitar, back vocal)

From January the 1st 2000 until today I'm webmaster / editor of the exYUsingles data base (which is now part of www.old.barikada.com) where I presented the information about more than 4400 small records of beat, pop and rock music (those ones whom I had a chance to find by myself and thanks to my numerous friends) published in the countries of ex-Yugoslavia during the period from 195x until 200x.

From May the 10th 2000 until August the 1st 2004, I've been editor of the web site called MBB (muzika.bosnia.ba). I did it for hobby and because of the great love for the music. I had many different roles there; I've been journalist, photographer, web designer, translator and editor. In 2001 that website was placed in Top 40 of B&H websites, according to Bosnian computer magazine INFO from Sarajevo. Next year, 2001, I was awarded with the statue of Davorin for the work on the same website.

For computer magazine INFO I've initialized and edited the column "Private websites of the current and ex B&H citizens", as an outside associate.

My music articles were published by the Rock Express magazine from Belgrade (Serbia), Dnevni avaz, Oslobođenje, Jutarnji list from Sarajevo (B&H), and Front Slobode and Tuzlanski list from Tuzla (B&H).

Photo: Dragutin Matosevic
Southern Storm, Tuzla, 2002
(Mario Vilušić - bass guitar; Alen Džambić - keyboards; Dario Havel - rhythm guitar; Elvis Garagić - vocal; Emir Hot - leading guitar; Damir Sinanović - drums)

During the period from May 2001 until December 2002 I was a manager of the melodic / heavy metal / progressive band, Southern Storm, from Tuzla (B&H).

Also, from February 2002 until September 2002, as an outside associate, I've hosted and edited 30 musical-informative radio shows "MBB Express" which have been aired in the programme of Radio Tuzla.

On the April the 25th 2002, from the studio of the Radio Soli in Tuzla. I've started my musical-informative radio show called "MBB Bridge". I was there also as an outside associate. I've hosted a few radio shows there.

From August 2004 until December 2004 I've worked as booking assistant and PR for Rock Club "Arion" from Tuzla. During that period I brought many bands in Tuzla, but I'll mention only a few of them: Hladno pivo (HR), Pips, Chips & Video Clips (HR), Cactus Jack (SRB)... Occasionally I work as a manager and PR of band Cactus Jack (Pančevo, Serbia). If you like their music - feel free to contact me.

Foto: Nadir Efendic

Foto: Nadir Efendic

From June the 1st 2004 until March the 25th 2008 I've worked on Radio Tuzla, as an outside associate again, with the help of my son Davor. I was editor and Davor and myself shared the role of the host. That radio show was called "The Jeans Generation". 197 complete radio shows have been aired from studio of Radio Tuzla. Every show lasted 90 minutes. I haven't chosen this name for that radio show accidentally (taken from the same-called song from the band Neki to vole vruče, Zagreb, Croatia). Neither did song, neither "The Jeans Generation" radio show had boundaries... neither spatial, neither temporal, nor genre boundaries. Music chosen for broadcasting was selected based on its quality and usually couldn't have been heard on the other radio stations programmes. For the complete list of the artists presented in that radio show, please click HERE.

Music related website, Barikada - World of Music, is mine next project (started on October the 10th 2004) - www.old.barikada.com . To be 100 % able to follow all the news and articles presented on Barikada, you should be fluent in several languages: Bosnian, English, Croatian, Italian, Macedonian, German, Slovenian, Serbian... This patchwork of the languages didn't come from my aberrance - that was imposed by the Internet and the speed of communication.

From May the 5th 2007 until January the 6th 2008, during the 12 months of collaboration, 52 of my articles / interviews were published in newspaper Tuzlanski list, Tuzla (B&H) - . The articles were published once a week (double pages) and those were mainly the interviews with various people / artists from the world of the music.

In May 2008 I've prepared and finalized the festival of B&H demo bands with the help from Tuzla community foundation - Tuzla, House of the youth - Tuzla and Citizen association Revolt - Tuzla) and the winner, band Human from Tuzla, as the winner of that festival, played at a prestigious Slovenian festival Rock Otočec 2008 and was pronounced as the best demo band of that festival.

Foto: Dragutin Matosevic
Davor Matošević
(Tuzla 10/07/2010 - Photo: Dragutin Matošević

From May 2009 I’ve stepped up in work on "guiding" of musical career of Davor Matošević. In that regard, I've arranged recording, producing and publishing of his promo EP single ("Always be good to your enemies") with 4 Davor's original songs recorded in English. That CD was published in May 2010, by the leading Croatian record company - Croatia Records. My role, even now, is to be PR and promoter of that CD, as well as all of the Davor Matošević's musical activities. You can find more information about Davor Matošević on www.myspace.com/davormatosevic .

From December 2009 until March 2010 I've made initial contacts with the most significant artists (singers) from ex-YU area with the intention to bring them to perform on the stage of Bosnian cultural centre (BKC) in Tuzla. That resulted with series of amazing concerts during the 2010: Tereza Kesovija (08.05.2010), Gabi Novak and Matija Dedić (29.05.2010), and Josipa Lisac (19.06.2010).

After 74 months of everyday work (update) and more of 1,240,000 visits of web portal Barikada - World Of Music, I decided (since 25.12.2010) to conclude my work at that web portal. I am thankful to everybody which followed me at that long and beautiful journey.

Stay tuned for more projects of mine...

Translated by: Davor Matošević

Dragutin Matošević (git.) feat. Esad Prcić (sax) - Tulipani
(Composed by: Dragutin Matošević ; Video editing: Davor Matošević)
Dragutin Matošević (guit.) feat. Esad Prcić (sax) - Život moj
(Composed by: Dragutin Matošević ; Video editing: Davor Matošević)
Dragutin Matošević (guit.) feat. Esad Prcić (sax) - Gdje su...
(Composed by: Dragutin Matošević ; Video editing: Jusuf Šehović Juso)

Webmaster / editor:

Dragutin Matošević
Tuzla, Bosna i Hercegovina

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